In Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, crops are grown in order to make juice to sell at your shop.

You can grow one type of crop in each field you own. You start out with one field, and your grandpa clears out an additional one early on in the game. Three more fields can be purchased from the Decoration Shop, making a total of five fields a farmer can own and five varieties of crops that can be grown at once.

Crops need to be watered every day, even after they are fully grown. They are not directly harvested by the farmer. As long as the farmer has a fully grown crop in their fields, they can use that crop to make juice to sell at the Juice Bar.

Seeds are purchased from the Seed Shop. Each crop has two types of seeds that can be bought: "good" and "great". The great seeds only have to be watered every other day. The great version of seeds for each type of crop becomes available after the good version has been grown by the farmer.

The silver watering can, which can be purchased from the Tool Shop, and nutrients, which are purchased from the Seed Shop, also reduce how often crops need to be watered.

If fertilizer from the Seed Shop is applied to a crop that is already growing, it will be fully grown the next day regardless of its growth time.


Crop Growth Time Good Seed Cost Great Seed Cost Juice Color
Tomato 1 day 50G 100G Red
Turnip 2 days 60G 100G Green
Carrot 2 days 100G 150G Yellow
Banana 3 days 200G 300G Yellow
Cabbage 4 days 200G 300G Green
Strawberry 2 days 200G 300G Red
Pumpkin 4 days 500G Yellow
Watermelon* 4 days 1000G 1500G Red

*Only available after the "Juice Bar Set" is purchased. When used in making juice, watermelons give up to 800 bonus points.

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