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Each crop will have their own mutation and they are season specific. Some mutations may require a specific fertilizer. If you notice a particular crop mutating, make sure you plant more of the same crop to get a higher amount of mutated crops because you will need to ship a certain amount of the mutated crop to unlock the seed to be sold at Sam's shop.

Keep in mind that some mutated crops require a previous mutated crop. For example, if you want to want to get Royal Herb from the Celery crop family, you need to mutate the original celery crop (always available) to White Celery first. Then you need to ship off 15-20 of the mutated crop so that Sam's shop starts selling its seed, and then plant that mutated crop seed to obtain the next mutation.

The encyclopedia is arranged in mutation order, meaning the mutation is from top to bottom of the list of the same crop type. Therefore, if your list is missing some crops in between, always think of mutating the crop higher up in the list.

In addition, each crop will have a "GREAT" quality variety. Plant them at their favorable season to get the greater quality. For mutated crops, plant them during the season they mutated to get greater quality. Alternatively you can fertilize them to get greater quality.

For a complete list of crops, it might take at least 5 game years to accomplish. It seems that there's no need to fertilize continuously, fertilizing once is enough.

Video Cut scene to unlock crop mutation :

Image Crops Name

Growth Time

Seed Price Selling Price

Avg / Great

Great Crop Season Mutation for Season Units needed to make seed available at Sam's
Grass 5 days 30G Grass can only be use as fodder, cannot be sold
Cabbage Som.PNG
Cabbage 5 days 20G 50G / 75G Spring Spring - Huge Cabbage

Winter - Red Cabbage

Always available
Huge Cabbage 9 days 50G 125G /


Spring Winter - Dome Cabbage Sell 20
Dome Cabbage 10 days 60G 150G Winter None Sell 22~27
Red Cabbage 10 days 40G 100G / 150G Winter Spring - Green Cabbage Sell 10
Green Cabbage 10 days 60G 150G / 220G Spring None Sell 20
Celery 6 days 20G 50G / 75G Spring Summer - Mystic Herb

Fall - White Celery

Always available
White Celery 7 days 40G 100G / 150G Fall Winter - Royal Herb Sell 10
Mystic Herb 7 days 50G 125G / ?G Summer None Sell 10
Royal Herb 9 days 60G 150G / ?G Winter None Sell 30
Onion 4 days 30G 50G / 70G Spring Spring - Scallion Always available
Scallion 5 days 50G 90G / 130G Spring

Spring - Petite Onion

Summer - Red Onion

Sell 10
Petite Onion 4 days 60G 160G / 200G Spring Fall - Pearl Onion (plant in checkerboard pattern) Sell 20
Pearl Onion 6 days 60G 150G / ?G Fall None Sell 20
Red Onion 6 days 70G 170G / 260G Summer Winter - Tear Drop Sell 30
Tear Drop 7 days 70G 170G / ?G Winter None Sell 30?
Strawberry 6 days 20G 55G / 80G Spring Fall - Angel Lantern (use barbatus fertilizer)

Winter - White Berry

Always available
White Berry 9 days 35G 95G / 130G Winter Spring - Magical Berry (use berry blend fertilizer) Sell 10
Strawberry-angel lantern.png
Angel Lantern 11 days 110G 160G / ?G Fall Summer - Princess's Eye Sell 20
Magical Berry 12 days 110G 160G / ?G Spring None Sell 50
Princess eye.png
Princess's Eye 12 days 120G 180G / ?G Summer None Sell ?
IMG 1069.png
Tomato 11 days 30G 60G / 85G Summer Summer - San Marzano

Winter - Crimson

Always available
San Marzano 12 days 60G 100G / ?G Summer Spring - Red Zeppelin (use tomato blend fertilizer) Sell 10
Crimson 12 days 80G 200G / ?G Winter Fall - Killer Tomato (use tomato blend fertilizer) Sell 30+
Red Zeppelin 13 days 70G 200G / ?G Spring None Sell 30
Killer Tomato 14 days 100G 250G / ?G Fall None Sell 40+
IMG 1071.png
Corn 10 days 30G 90G / 120G Summer Summer - Fodder/Sweet Corn Always available
Fodder Corn 12 days 30G 100G / ?G Summer Spring - Sunset Corn (use corn blend fertilizer) Sell 10
Sweet Corn 13 days 40G 150G / ?G Summer Winter - Yellow Corn Sell 20
Yellow Corn 13 days 50G 180G / ?G Spring None
Sunset Corn 13 days 50G 180G / ?G Winter None Sell 46-48
Green Pepper 8 days 40G 80G / 130G Summer Summer - Red / Bell Peppers Always available
Red Pepper 11 days 50G 110G / 200G Summer Spring - Purple Pepper (use carp blend fertilizer) Sell 10
Bell Pepper 11 days 60G 130G / 240G Summer Spring - Magic Pepper Sell 20
Purple Pepper 11 days 70G 150G / ?G Spring None Sell 40+?
Magic Pepper 11 days 70G 150G / 300G Spring Summer - Golden Pepper (use goby blend fertilizer)

Winter - White Pepper

Sell 20+
Golden Pepper 13 days 80G 200G / ?G Summer None Sell 40+
White pepper 11 days 70G 150G / ?G Winter None Sell 50
Wheat 7 days 10G 25G / 40G Summer Summer - Durum Wheat

Fall - Barley

Always available
Durum Wheat 7 days 10G 25G / ?G Summer None Sell 10


8 days 10G 25G / 40G Fall Winter - Rye (use mosquitofish compost fertilizer) Sell 20
Rye 8 days 10 G 25G / ?G Winter None Sell 30-39
Hot Pepper 10 days 30 G 90G / 120G Fall Spring - Jalapeño

Fall - Habanero (use orange compost fertilizer)

Always available
Habanero 12 days 30G 100G / ?G Fall Summer - Devil Pepper (use corn blend fertilizer) Sell 20
Jalapeño 12 days 40G 150G / 200G Spring Winter - Dragon Pepper (use apple compost fertilizer) Sell 20
Dragon pepper 14 days 50G 180G / ?G Winter None Sell 40+
Devil Pepper 13 days 50G 180G / 300G Summer None Sell 50
Potato 6 days 20G 50G / 75G Fall Fall - Giant Potato

Winter - Purple potato

Always available
Purple Potato 8 days 40G

100 G / 150G

Winter Summer - Black Potato Sell 10
Giant Potato 8 days 50G 125G / 185G Fall None Sell 20
Black Potato 10 days 60G 150G / ?G Summer Winter - Titan Potato (use durum wheat fertilizer blend) Sell 20
Titan Potato 10 days 60G 150G / ?G Winter None Sell 30
Carrot SoM.png
Carrot 6 days 20G 50G / 75G Fall Summer - Brown Carrot

Winter - Baby Carrot

Always available
Baby Carrot 3 days 40G 100G / 150G Winter Winter - White carrot Sell 10+
Brown Carrot 6 days 50G 125G / ?G Summer Fall - Mandrake (use barbatus blend fertilizer) Sell 10+
White Carrot 6 days 60G 150G / ?G Winter None Sell 20
Mandrake 7 days 60G 150G / ?G Fall None Sell 30
Pumpkin 14 days 90G 170G / 280G Fall Spring - Squash

Summer - Zucchini

Always available
Zucchini 14 days 110G 200G / 320G Summer None Sell 10
Squash 14 days 140G 220G / 380G Spring Summer - Giant Squash (use goby fertilizer)

Winter - Cream Pumpkin

Sell 20
Cream Pumpkin 15 days 250G 220G / 450G Winter None Sell ?
Giant Squash 26 days 200G 280G / ?G Fall Fall - Giant pumpkin Sell 20
Giant Pumpkin 21 days 400G 800G / ?G Fall None Sell 40+?
Spinach 5 days 20G 50G / 75G Winter Spring - Savoy Spinach

Winter - Baby Spinach

Always available
Baby spinach.png
Baby Spinach 5 days 40G 100G / 150G Winter Winter - Pink Spinach Sell 10
Lilac spinach.png
Savoy Spinach 5 days 50G 120G / ?G Spring Fall - Lilac Spinach Sell 10
Pink spinach.png
Pink Spinach 7 days 70G 170G / 260G Winter None Sell 20
Lilac spinach.png
Lilac Spinach 6 days 50G 120G / ?G Fall None Sell 30
Broccoli 6 days 30G 75G / 130G Winter Fall - Broccolini Always available
Broccolini 5 days 50G 120G / ?G Fall Summer - Evergreen

Winter - Romanesco

Sell 10
Romanesco 9 days 60G 150G / ?G Winter Spring - Dryad Sell 20
Evergreen 9 days 80G 200G / ?G Summer None Sell 30
Dryad 10 days 90G 220G / 335G Spring None Sell 30

Optimal Crops Planting Season

If you want to grow a "Great" crop you need to plant your crops during the right season. Seeds for the basic crops will always be available for sale at Sam's Shop. From this basic set of crops you will generate the various mutations in that crop family. Mutations are triggered by the following conditions:

  • Seasonal planting (for example, Spinach will mutate to Baby Spinach just by being planted during the right season which in this case is spring)
  • Fertilizer (some crops mutations require both the right seaon and at least ONE sprinkle of the right fertilizer)
  • Need a mutated crop to generate another mutation (for example, planting Baby Spinach during the winter will trigger the next mutation which is Pink Spinach)*
  • Please note that some next next generation crops require both a mutated form AND the right fertilizer.


Planting is set from the MOST available seeds (ie: buy from day 1 at Sam's Shop) to crops that may require various seasons to obtain because they are a mutation of a mutation.

Great Crops:

  • (Always available) Cabbage, Celery, Onions, Strawberry
  • (Mutated Crops) Huge Cabbage, Scallion, Squash, Savoy Spinach, Dryad, Jalapeño, Green Cabbage, Petite Onion, Magical Berry, Red Zeppelin, Sunset Corn


Base Crop Seasonal Mutation Fertilizer Required
Cabbage Huge Cabbage None
Onion Scallion None
Pumpkin Squash None
Spinach Savoy Spinach None
Scallion Petite Onion None
Red Cabbage Green Cabbage None
Fodder Corn Sunset Corn Corn Blend (use at least ONCE)
White Berry Magical Berry Berry Blend (use at least ONCE)
San Marzano Tomato Red Zeppelin Tomato Blend (use at least ONCE)
Red Pepper Purple Pepper Carp Blend (use at least ONCE)
Bell Pepper Magic Pepper None
Romanesco Dryad None


Great Crops:

  • (Always available) Corn, Green Peppers, Tomatoes and Wheat
  • (Mutated Crops)


Great Crops:

  • (Always available) Carrots, Hot peppers, Potatoes and Pumpkins
  • (Mutated Crops)


Broccoli and Spinach