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This article is about Cyril, a character from Skytree Village. You may be looking for Cyril, a character from Light of Hope.
"I have the pleasure to be Cyril-Regis Shireworth-Tuxley. The third. Esquire. At your service. Cyril to my chums."
"No better way to find yourself than by getting lost!"

Cyril-Regis Shireworth-Tuxley the 3rd, Esquire ("Cyril") is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

He is a dashing aristocrat who comes from a famous family.[1] He is serious, but can also be very naive and forgetful. Despite his flaws, he is honest, and always tries to do the right thing.[2]

Cyril is unlocked automatically on the 5th Day, in the Spring of your 1st Year. All the player has to do is walk into the wasteland area and he will move into town. He is found collapsed by the well by your character and when he comes to he informs you he's in search of the Harvest Goddess Spring.

Requests: "Cyril's Country Life"

Request #1: 3 Cabbages

  • Reward: Recipe for Good Feed, 3 Good Feed

Request #2: 3 Tomatoes

  • Reward: Recipe for Delicious Feed, 3 Delicious Feed, 5 Great Fodder Corn

Request #3: 3 Glass Material

  • Reward: Recipe for Special Feed, 3 Special Feed

You will need the hammer from Gus during the revival of the 5th Skytree.

Request #4: 5 Fertilizer

  • Reward: Recipe for Excellent Feed, 3 Excellent Feed

The main story quest line must be completed to unlock additional quests.

Request #5: 3 Fodder Cornmeal, 5 Pirahna

  • Reward: 3 Piranha Feed; Recipe for Piranha Feed

Request 6: 3 Sweet Corn; 1 Bullhead

  • Reward: Recipe for Wonder Feed, 3 Wonder Feed

Seasonal Requests

Spring 1:

  • Rewards:

Spring 2:

  • Rewards:

Summer 1:

  • Rewards:

Summer 2:

  • Rewards:

Fall 1:

  • Rewards:

Fall 2:

  • Rewards:

Winter 1:

  • Rewards:

Winter 2:

  • Rewards:

Building Chemistry

There is no gift-giving in Skytree Village. The only way to build chemistry is to talk to the villagers every day. Unlike previous games, chemistry will not decrease if you do not talk to someone for awhile.

The most difficult thing about building chemistry with Cyril is that, unlike the other two bachelors, he is very mobile. He can be found at his home, in town, wandering the wasteland and often nowhere at all! Due to this, his chemistry will build at a slower rate than the other bachelors and the player must make the effort to track him down.

Fall 15th: Harvest Festival - The player can pick one of the marriage candidates to "Thank". Whoever the player chooses to thank will get a +7% Chemistry increase.



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