• "Hey!"
  • "Hey, happy birthday!"
  • You're engaged: "I heard you proposed. I can't wait for the wedding ceremony."
  • Your child is an infant: "You can't help being worried about your child."
  • Your child starts crawling: "Once your baby starts moving around, you can't take your eyes off 'em. Man, Luke was almost impossible to keep track of!"
  • Anissa and Jin get married: "So Anissa and Dr. Jin got married. They'll make a great pair. I hope they have a kid soon."
  • Renee and Toby get married: "Renee and Toby got married. They'll make a great pair."
  • Phoebe/Calvin or Julius/Candace get married: "Phoebe/Candace and Calvin/Julius got married. They're a little weird, but I think they'll be a good couple."
  • Rival couples have a chlid: "So I heard [Rival 1] and [Rival 2] had a kid. Man, I can't believe those two are parents already."
  • The Mother Tree grows: "The island  is so lively these days. It reminds me of the old days."
  • Near the end of the year: "The year's almost over. Time flies, eh?"


  • Spring: "Spring is the best season. It's when the young trees and flowers come out."
  • Cloudy: "I like it when it's a little cloudy. It's cooler, so it's better weather for working."
  • Summer: "The mountains in Summer are great. The cicadas are so loud."
  • Rain: "Mold is caused by rain and humidity."


  •  "I really like this. I'm so happy."

Heart Lines

  • "Good health is the foundation of life."
  • "Take it easy with tools at first. If you run out of Stamina, you'll collapse."
  • "When you use tools, make sure you have the basics before you try anything fancy."
  • "Don't get so dazzled by fancy tool techniques that you misuse them."
  • "Uh, my hobby? Cutting trees, I guess..."
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