Weather Lines

  • Rainy day below ?? hearts: "The sound of rain is like music!"


  • During Birthday: "I didn't expect a birthday present. You're so considerate. I gratefully accept!"
  • Loves Line:
  • Likes Line:
  • Neutral Line:
  • Dislikes Line:

Heart Lines

  • 0 hearts: "Man, I'm tired of this. I wonder how I can rake in some easy money."
  • 1 heart: "Gravity helps water flow without resistance. I like the idea of living life in a way that goes with the natural flow."
  • 2 hearts: "Oh, boy, the people in this village are do-gooders. They're such goofs, I get sick of it."
  • 3 hearts: "I decided to work seriously. I hate hard work, but listening to lectures is even worse."
  • 4 hearts: "I decided that I want to cultivate a huge orchard. I'll create a grape called Illusion!"
  • 5 hearts: "I must start studying the basics. My body's in shape, but my mind needs work. Ha-ha-ha! You know, I look forward to talking to you each day!"
  • 6 hearts: "It feels good chasing a dream, I feel like i can boldly face things straight on with confidence."
  • 7 hearts: "I hate difficult work, but i finally understand that you can't overcome some things unless you endure some sort of hardship and sacrifice."
  • 8 hearts: "Kitty-cat, do you like passionate relationships? I'll let you cry on my shoulder when you want to cry, It's okay to hold hands, too! My chest and hands are warm for you♥"
  • 9-10 hearts: "Kitty-cat, do you know what it is to have a man who burns every night thinking about you? Um... are you listening to me?"

Marriage Lines

  • Proposal: "Honey! You're really a jack-in-the-box. You're a bad girl for surprising me like this! An answer? Heh, you should already know♥"
  • "Hey, Kitty-cat, from here on, we're together for good!'
  • Let's decide on a sweet name for you, okay?"
  • "[Nickname] ♥. That's what I wanted to call you anyway♥'"
  • "Today is the start of our real life together."
  • "I'll be by your side and helping you through good times and bad, I'll be happy if you can feel even just a little comfort."
  • "I'm always comforted by you, [player], You're always beside me, that's the happiest thing of all."
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