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This article is about Dean, a character from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Dean, a character from Skytree Village.
"“If you listen to flowers closely, they will tell you just what they need. Give them what they ask for, and they’ll blossom beautifully!”"

Dean is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

He's the flower-loving son of Carol. After the storm, he and his mother were forced to leave the island. Repairing 'Carol's Flowers' will bring him back.


" Y-You're giving this to me?! What a wonderful day! Thank you! You've made me very happy!" -Loved

Gift Preferences
Special Flowers
Loved Seashells
Liked Vegetables, Fruits
Disliked ???
Hated Green Peppers

Note Events

Note Event 1
Location: Beacon Town
Time: 10 am - 8 pm

Dean is helping Sally choose a flower for a gift. After a bit of teasing he states that he knows the flower is for her mother to make up for a fight. He explains the flowers meaning to her and she leaves.

  • You really like flowers, don't you? | +FP (Best answer)
  • What do you like about flowers so much? | +FP
  • You're strange.

Note Event 2
Location: Mountain
Time: 6:00 am - 7:00 pm

Walking up to the mountain, you find Dean admiring the wildflowers growing there. After a breif discission with him about the flowers, you are allowed to make you own comment.

  • They're quite admirable. +FP (Best Answer)

Dean is glad you think this, he agrees with you and continues admiring them.

  • They're really pretty. +FP
  • You're stepping on them.

Dean is frightened by your comment, and obviously unamused by your joke.

Note Event 3
Location: Carol's flower shop
Time: Tuesday or Thursday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • How about red roses? | +FP (Best Answer)
  • How about tulips?

Note Event 4
Location: Your House and then Mountains
Time: 6:00AM

You do not really have a choice in terms of responding. (This event occurred for me around 3 & a half hearts...pushing it to 4 hearts)

Note Event 5

Requests / Mail

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