Mls decoration shop

The Decoration Shop is a shop in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

It is run by Takakura and his apprentice Danica. They sell upgrades and decorations for your shop to make it more aesthetically pleasing, as well as additional fields to grow crops in.


Item Cost
Cute Storefront 500G
Castle Storefront 500G
Quaint Storefront 500G
Modern Storefront 500G
Feline Storefront 500G
Dainty Storefront 500G
Juice Storefront 800G
Egg Storefront 800G
Sweets Storefront 800G
Cute Awning 500G
Castle Awning 500G
Quaint Awning 500G
Modern Awning 500G
Feline Awning 500G
Dainty Awning 500G
Juice Awning 800G
Egg Awning 800G
Sweets Awning 800G
Cute Roof 500G
Castle Roof 500G
Quaint Roof 500G
Modern Roof 500G
Feline Roof 500G
Dainty Roof 500G
Juice Roof 800G
Egg Roof 800G
Sweets Roof 800G
Umbrella 300G
Acorn Decoration 300G
Cactus Decoration 300G
Ribbon Decoration 300G
Note Decoration 300G
Snowman 300G
Button Decoration 300G
Flower Decoration 300G
Sunflower 300G
Clover Decoration 500G
Flag Decoration 300G
Violin Decoration 300G
Barrel Decoration 300G
Rainbow 300G
Lamp Decoration 500G
Jack O' Lantern 600G
Nest Decoration 600G
Cow Decoration 600G
First Additional Field 700G
Second Additional Field 1200G
Third Additional Field 2000G
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