In Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, decorations are small, sticker-like pieces that can be used to customize your shop. At the beginning of the game, you have five decorations you can already use, but more can be bought at the Decoration Shop.

Picture Decoration Cost
Stardecoration Star Decoration None
Heartdecoration Heart Decoration None
Balloondecoration Balloon Decoration None
Belldecoration Bell Decoration None
Mushdecoration Mushroom Decoration None
Umbrella 300G
Acorn Decoration 300G
Ribbon Decoration 300G
Note Decoration 300G
Snowman 300G
Button Decoration 300G
Flower Decoration 300G
Sunflower 300G
Cloverdecoration Clover Decoration 500G
Flag Decoration 300G
Violindecoration Violin Decoration 300G
Barrel Decoration 300G
Rainbow 300G
Lamp Decoration 500G
Jack-O'-Lantern 600G
Nest Decoration 600G
Cow Decoration 600G
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