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Degas is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

He owns the Potion Shop which is open on 9am-5pm on weekdays. He makes medicines in his shop out of medicinal herbs, poisonous mushrooms, and various roots found in the mountains, which help prevent and cure sickness. He is Stu and Kent's grandfather and raises the two boys on his own. He is always the first year's Harvest King. He always participates in the Vegetable Festival, usually winning if the player doesn't. He seems to have lived in the village for a long time and will often remark upon the player's late grandfather.

If the player becomes good enough friends with the Degas, he'll ask the player to participate in their first Spirit Festival. If the player gives Degas an Edible Grass, he will give the recipe for Miso Soup with Sprouts.


You can often find Degas in his shop, wandering near Moon Mountain Lake, the Carpenters' Clearing, or inside the cave behind the Craftsman's House.


  • Medicinal Herb
  • Edible Herb


Kent Runs Away

Stu Kent Event
  • Kent will come to your farm in the morning and ask if you can stay with you tonight, as he got into a fight with his grandpa. Kent insists on saving money to run a farm, but his grandfather wants him to focus on his studies. Stu will come bursting into the house, saying that their grandfather is sick. You will go with the boys to their house and see the Potion Shop Dealer in bed, being looked after by the Midwife. She tells the boys not to worry, and that he will recover soon. Kent thanks you, and asks if he can come to you if he needs you again.

*Requirements: Kent's affection is 160 or higher, and you go to bed in between 6pm and 10:59pm the previous night.[1]

Kent Puppy Event


  • Kent and Stu will come over, excited to tell you that your dog has had puppies with their dog, Taro. You go over to their house to see the newborn puppies. You will gain affection with Stu, Kent, and the Potion Shop Dealer.[2]

*Requirements: Stu's affection is 250 or higher, OR Kent's affection is 150 or higher.[3]

Pontata Root

  • If you have obtained a Pontata Root, bring it to the Potion Shop Dealer and bring it to him as a gift. This will allow the best medicine to be purchased from him. You must have an empty bottle to purchase medicine from the dealer.[4]


  • Though the Dealer will tell you that his cure all can cure even animals, there is no apparent way to use it on sick animals.


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