• "If you think I'm gonna say good morning or anything, forget it! Pfft!"
  • "You better work hard as a farmer! Don't go slacking off!"
  • "Gimme a break! I need a human for a fried like a fish needs a bicycle!"
  • "Wh-What would I have to do to make it so I'd never cry again...?"
  • "If you just keep on working and never take a break, you're gonna faint! Rest when you get tired!"
  • "Huh? Why are you here? A-Anyway, I guess you can stick around if you want..."
  • Night: "Since you're a human, you have to sleep at night, right?"
  • Low Stamina: "Ugh! You're about to keel over! Get some rest right now, c'mon!"
  • Second child: "[Second child] has too much energy! He wears me out!"

Gift Reactions

  • Loved Gift: "*Sniffle*... *sob*... Thank you... Getting this gift...makes me so happy. I-- NO, I'm NOT crying!"
  • Liked Gift: "Fine, I'll take it! Thanks, or whatever!"
  • Disliked Gift: "Waaaaaaah! Why are you giving me something I hate?! Do you hate me or something, you meanie?!"
  • Birthday Gift: "What? A birthday present...? This thing is...really nice! Th... Thank you... You're... kind!"
  • Multiple Gifts: "Hmph! I have received enough things from you today already, thank you very much!"


  • Spring: "In spring, the water in the stream is still cold, because it's all from melted snow!"
  • Winter: "Winter's not cold at all to me! I'm..brr...tough enough to... brr....take it... *ACHOOO*!"
  • Sunny: "On sunny days, the soil dries out, so make sure that you water!"
  • Rainy: "I'm happy when it rains, I guess..."
  • Snowy: "I hate snow! It's cold! Yuck!"


  • Birthday: "Who cares about birthdays? Just because someone says happy birthday doesn't make ME happy! Nuh-uh!"
  • Fishing Contest (Lost): "You're all down in the dumps just because you lost! Just cut it out! I'll show you how to really fish!"
  • New Year's Day: "Let's have a good year... I guess I'll let you be my friend this year..."
  • New Year's Eve: "Once winter is over, the plants and animals will wake up from their slumber! Back in action!"
  • Starry Night Festival: "Starry Night Festival? What bunk! The stars are there to look at every night! Humans are weirdos!"
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