• Introductory Line: "Hello. It's ___, isn't it? I'm Diego. I run the general store. I hope you'll buy lots of stuff!"
  • "Good morning! You're looking well today."
  • "Hello there, ___. Remember, my store's got everything your farm needs!"
  • "Hello there, ___. A good greeting is the start of any good sale!"
  • "Hello there, ___. I worked a little too hard today."
  • "Hello there. I worked hard today."
  • "Hey! You'll always find what you need at my shop! Don't forget it!"


  • "I have to check my inventory and see what I need to stock more of."
  • "I'm working right now. If you need to talk to me, can you do it later?"
  • Day off: "I'm headed off to Raul's shop. I'm worried he's not doing his job."
  • Typhoon: "What a terrible storm! I hope nothing gets damaged."
  • Storm: "It's snowing so hard today. I wish it would stop."
  • When shown the blue feather: "Oh, a Blue Feather. I hope I can use one someday. Good luck!"

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Sometimes it's difficult to make a sale. You just have to learn from your mistakes."


  • Neutral: "You're giving this to me? I don't accept bribes. I won't lower my prices. Huh? That's not what you meant? Well then, I'll accept it."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Another gift today? I can't. I've already got too many!"
  • Birthday: "Is this a birthday present? Oh, thank you, ____. Thank you so much!"
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