• "Morning, ___. It's the beginning of a brand new day!"
  • "Morning, ___. You look like youre wide awake already!" 
  • "Morning, ____. *yawn*... Heh... I'm still sleepy..."
  • "Hey, ___, you kinda remind me of an old friend of mine. They also worked on a farm, and were busy working all the time."
  • "Yo, ___! Working hard? Farming seems like a real workout."
  • "Hey, ___. Done with work?"
  • At his house: "Oh, hey! How's it going? My place is kind of small, but feel free to have a seat."
  • "You better get some sleep, ___. You need to take up early tomorrow!"


  • "Man, there are so many deliveries! Well, it keeps me busy, that's for sure!"
  • "Man, climbing up and down this mountain takes a lot out of me..."
  • "It feels so rewarding to deliver something someone is eagerly waiting for."
  • Day off: "It's been so long since I've had a break. I'm just gonna kick back and relax."
  • At Cafe/Tea House: "I sometimes come here on my break. This place is pretty good!"
  • When shown a wild animal: "Wow, a wild animal! And it's so friendly to you! How cute!"
  • When shown the blue feather (not to propose): "What's this feather used for again? Isn't it used to propose to somebody? Are you getting married to someone, ___? Nice!" 
  • Complete a request: "Thanks for your help! Oops! Gotta give you your reward. Here you go! Thanks for your help! See you next time."
  • After tunnel reopens: "Making deliveries has become so much easier ever since this tunnel reopened! Thanks to the hard work of everyone who helped reopen it."
  • During a typhoon: "Man, I can't deliver anything because of the typhoon! This is weak!"
  • After a typhoon: "Man, it was crazy out there yesterday! Luckily, none of my deliveries were damaged!"
  • Snowstorm: "I can't deliver anything because of the blizzard! I hope it stops soon!"

Flower Quotes

  • Two flowers: "What's up? Takin' a break from work? That's cool. You need breaks once in a while."
  • Three flowers: "This job can be really exhausting sometimes... but when people thank me for a delivery, I feel full of energy again!"
  • Four flowers: "When I was younger, I worked at a cafe in my home town."
  • Five flowers: "I've actually known Raul for a long time, but I didn't know he was living here. I was so surprised when I found out!"
  • Six flowers: "I've got a brother. He's more serious than I am, not to mention better looking... I wonder what he's now... I kinda want to see him.."


  • Favorite Gift: "Cream Croquettes?!! These are totally my favorite! They look so delicious! Thanks, ___!" 
  • Liked: "Oh, for me? Thanks!"
  • Neutral: "Sweet! Thanks!"
  • Disliked: "Hey, is this some sort of prank? No? Well, just remember that I don't like these at all, OK?" 
  • Birhday Gift: "You remembered it was my birthday today! Awesome!"


Cooking Festival

  • "I get pretty excited about the Cooking Festival!"
  • You lose: "Oh, you lost? Well, don't let it get to you."

Flower Day Festival

"For me? Are you sure? Thanks!"

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "You lost? Well, just learn from your mistakes and try again next time!"

Before a Festival Starts:

  • "There's a festival today. I might go check it out later..."
  • "What's gonna happen today? I'm super-excited!"

You do not attend a festival: "Oh yeah, there was a festival today, right? What festival was it again?"

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