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This article is about Doc, a character from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Doc from The Lost Valley or Doc from Skytree Village.
"It's me, Doc, inventor extraordinaire! Let me guess... You're an inventor too! Am I right?! Haw haw haw!"

Doc is one of the town's people in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

You first encounter Doc when you unlock the mountains and visit them for the first time. He mistakes you for an apprentice and gives you the honour of repairing his house, lucky you. He is a very quirky guy but means well.

He is willing to help you fix anything if you have the materials, including the broken stone tablet *cough* *cough* as well as upgrade your chicken coop, barn, and house. He also sells a crib for when you're ready to have a baby.

Some cut scenes and quests may hint at the face that he has a little bit of a crush on Carol (LoH) but you have to play the game to see if she likes him back!


        Monday                               Sunny                                                    Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
        Tuesday                              Sunny                                                    Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 12pm Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
12pm - 2pm Town Area Town Area
2pm - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
     Wednesday                           Sunny                                                     Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
       Thursday                             Sunny                                                    Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
          Friday                                Sunny                                                    Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 4pm Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
4pm - 8pm Town Area Town Area
8pm - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
        Saturday                             Sunny                                                    Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)
        Sunday                                Sunny                                                   Rainy
6am - 10am Unavailable Unavailable
10am - 6pm Beach: Western Area Beach: Western Area
6pm - 6am Home (Unlocked) Home (Unlocked)


"Bim-boom kaboom! You're giving this to good ol' Doc? What an amazing assistant! A job well done!" - Loved

Gift Preferences
Special Flowers
Loved Stone, Ores found in mine, Wood
Liked ???

Hated Pumpkin

Doc's Architects

At Doc`s Architects, Doc can make you various items to decorate your farm. He can also expand your home, as well as your barn or coop, if your give him the necessary materials.

Name Materials Required Price Unlocked
Large House 40 Hardwood Lumber, 5 Mithril, 10 Glass 85,000
Level 2 Chicken Coop 20 Hardwood Lumber, 3 Gold, 1 Adamantite 100,000 Restore the Lighthouse
Big Animal Barn 30 Hardwood Lumber, 3 Mithril, 2 Adamantite 120,000 Restore the Lighthouse
Giant House 50 Hardwood Lumber, 5 Great Cotton Candy Wool. 3 Adamantite 180,000 Purchase Large House upgrade
Crib 5 Hardwood Lumber, 5 Wool, 1 Silver 2,500 Purchase Giant House upgrade
Wooden Fence 3 Softwood Lumber, 1 Iron 300 Doc: Invention 1
Stone Wall 2 Material Stone, 3 Stone 300 Doc: Invention 2
Hedge 1 Poinsettia, 2 Hardwood Lumber 300 Doc: Invention 3
Candy Canes 2 Softwood Lumber, 1 Agate, 4 Candy Egg 1,000 Doc: Invention 4
Holiday Ornament 2 Softwood Lumber, 1 Gold, 1 Goldberry 1,000 Doc: Invention 5
Mechanical Fence 2 Iron, 1 Glass, 1 Silver 300 Doc: Invention 6
Harvest Sprite Flowerbed 10 Bronze, 10 Yellow Tulip, 10 White Tulip 100,000 Doc: Invention 7
20 Anniversary Statue 20 Gold, 10 Hardwood 200,000 Doc: Invention 8

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