The Dog is a pet animal in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

At the very start of the game, a puppy will be present on the ranch. The puppy will eventually grow into an adult dog. With enough affection, it is possible to enter the Dog Race


Dog (BackTN)

Affection raised

Initially, the Dog's affection level is set at 10 points. Certain activities may increase or decrease the Dog's affection level. Picking the Dog up and whistling to it will raise its affection. Attacking the Dog with a tool will significantly decrease its affection.[1] Activities which raise or lower affection can only be performed once per day. The Dog cannot become diseased or die, regardless of how low its affection is.

Activity Affection Point per day
Picking him up and down +2 Affection Points
Whistling at him and having a respond +2 Affection Points
Ignoring him for a whole day -1 Affection Point
Leaving him outside when the weather is not clear -5 Affection Points
Attacking your Dog with a tool -10 Affection Points


Bonding Dog

Grown Dog behind the player's back

The Dog starts out as a puppy and will grow into an adult during Fall.

The Dog has an initial "intelligence" of 0 (hidden value) that will never decrease. Intelligence is a statistic related to how well the Dog performs in the Dog Race. A toy Ball can be purchased from Won. The Ball can be used to play fetch with the Dog (once per day), allowing intelligence to be raised by 3 points.[2]

It takes 85 days to raise the Dog's intelligence to the maximum level.[3] The Dog can have maximum affection for a minimum of around 60 days.


On the second day of Spring of the second year, Barley will visit the farm and you will agree to let him take the Dog to the Yodel Ranch to breed with his Dog, Hana. After two weeks, he will return your Dog. The Dog cannot be taken out of the Ranch until then, but he can still be interacted with. A week after your Dog is returned, Hana will give birth to two puppies. Barley will keep one, and you will have to make a decision to give the other to Stu or Harris.


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