The Dog is an available pet in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands.

Once 500 Animal Degree points have been earned by the player, Mirabelle will visit the farmhouse the next morning to offer a choice of two dogs.The choices in color are light brown and dark brown. The color of the dog is purely cosmetic, one color offers no benefit over the other. The dog that isn't chosen by the player will go to live with Slater.

Your dog will live in the stable on the player's farm and eats one serving of pet food per day. Dogs needs to be fed and interacted with every day in order to increase affection. The dog and cat are the only two pets who can be picked up and carried off of the farm.

When the dog reaches 2 hearts worth of friendship, the player will receive a Sun Stone when leaving the farm house the next morning. A higher affection rate also increases the player's chances of winning in the Dog Festival on Fall 16. To practice for the Dog Festival, interact with the middle table in the stable with the frisbees.  

A well trained dog will also scare off wild dogs that come during the night to attack live stock who have been left outside. The dog will never die or get sick and lives on the player's farm indefinitely, as it also cannot be sold. 


  • The dog and cat are the only two animals in the game that will show up as an icon on the player's map. It's possible that this is because they are the only two animals that can be carried off of the player's farm.
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