Hmds battle01
A turn-based battle system minigame that can be activated by leaning against your doghouse at 4:40am, while continuously pressing the A button (It's best to save your game just before it's time, in case you screw up).

This is actually another 4:44 easter egg, though this isn't actually shown by the clock in DS and Cute.

When you finally enter the doghouse, you are greeted by the Witch Princess who wishes to test your strength, but before you can battle her, you must defeat randomly chosen bachelorettes who will either attack you themselves or send the bachelors out to attack for them or use them as human shields.

Once you defeat them all, Witch Princess will fight you herself. When you manage to defeat her, she will reward you with the title "Battle Master" and a Title Bonus item as proof of such, this will give you 100 farm points and help you complete your Shipped Items List.

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