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Doraemon: Story of Seasons (ドラえもん のび太の牧場物語) is a Doraemon and Story of Seasons crossover game. A large number of Doraemon characters appear, however, new, original Story of Seasons characters also appear in the game.


Noby and Doraemon come across a mysterious seed and plant the seed right away. It grows into a large tree right before their eyes, but at the same time a storm suddenly rolls in, Noby and friends are taken in by the sky and blown away somewhere to another timeline. When they came to, Noby and friends were at the foot of a strange, large tree. Doraemon, who lost their gadgets in the storm and are unable to return to their world, are at a loss as to what to do.

In the search of Doraemon's gadget and what happen to them, they come into the place called Shizen Town where they meet new friends along the way and Noby start the farm life. Later, Noby and friends come across the beautiful Goddess who told them the large tree actually a bio-machine following the mystery behind this mess.



  • Doraemon Gadgets that appears in the story to help Noby.


Town Map

  • West Natura (シーゼンタウンの西, Shīzentaunnonishi)
  • East Natura (シーゼンタウンの東, Shīzentaunnohigashi)
  • Noby's Farm (のび太牧場方面, Nobitabokujōhōmen)
  • Harappa Square (はらっぱ広場, Harappahiroba)
  • Zazan Beach (ザザーン浜辺, Zazānhamabe)
  • Zazan Cape (ザザーン岬, Zazānmisaki)
  • Cave (どうくつ, Doukutsu)
  • Secret Beach (どうくつ海岸, Doukutsukaigan) *NEW*
  • Swoosh Falls (ザーザー滝, Zāzātaki)
  • Mine Entrance (採くつ場入口, Tokutsubairiguchi)
  • Big Tree Root (大樹の根っこ, Taijunonekko)
  • Lumberjack Forest (きこりの森, Kikorinomori)
  • Lake Drench (ぴちょん湖, Pichonmizūmi)
  • Mt. Whistle Peak (ヒュルルン山頂, Hyururunsanchō)
  • Mount Whistle (ヒュルルン山, Hyururunyama)
  • Plash River (パシャーン川, Pashānkawa)
  • Rolin Forest (ころころの森, Korokoronomori)



Harmon's House

Big Tree Root

Cuckoo House Chickens

Gouter Mawk Livestock

Hammer - Carpenter Shop

Anvil - Blacksmith Shop

Knick Knacks General Store

Mayor Ryam's Residence

Regis's Clinic

Café Delish

Sandy's Tackle Shop



Wild Animals

Large Rolin Stump


  • Faeries (Sprite Summoner event)
  • Vera's Husband (Scene only)
  • Mr. Berhood (Festival only)
  • Auryn (Festival only)
  • Renato (Festival only)

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