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This article is about Doug a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Doug in his other appearances throughout the series.

Doug is a character in Harvest Moon 64, and the owner of the Green Ranch.

He is the father of Ann and Gray. He was married once, but his wife died when his children were both very young. He is very protective of both of his children and has tried to care for them to the best of his ability. When the player first start the ranch back up, Doug is doubtful that they have what it takes to run a ranch. Over time, however, he warms up. 

Apart from selling the player livestock and ranching supplies, he can also enter their Dog and Horse into theIr respective races. If the player gives Doug a piece of corn, he will give the Corn Fritter recipe.


  • All days except Thursday: The Green Ranch
  • Night: the Bar


Gift Preferences
Liked * Eggs
  • Corn


  • If you speak to Doug while at the bar he will be grouchy and mention that he starts grumbling when he drinks too much. However, after Ann marries Cliff, he will be much more jovial and mention that things 'have settled down'.
  • On the 30th of your first Fall, Doug will come by and ask you to watch three calves for him. If you do it correctly you will be paid 1,000 G.
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