Heart Lines

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  • 0 heart line: "A healthy life starts with proper eating and sleeping."
  • 1 heart line: "Don't forget to take lunch with you when you go to work!"
  • 2 heart line: "For people home is a place where they can feel comfortable. I want to provide such a place to travelers for a time."
  • 3 heart line: "Everybody has times when they want to be by themselves, right? A place where one can have private time is important."
  • 4 heart line: "You should eat when you feel depressed. You get down in the dumps if you're hungry."
  • 5 heart line: "Happiness for me is working hard all day... Having some delicious food and being able to sleep in a nice warm bed!"
  • 6 heart line: 
  • 7 heart line: "It'd be nice if this village were famous and many tourists came to visit! It'd be a big help having lots of business."
  • 8 heart line:
  • 9-10 heart line:


  • Rainy day below 4 hearts: "There should be more guests when it rains..."
  • Rainy day at least 4 hearts: "You should relax until after the rain stops."

Other Lines

  • When shown your baby: "Such an innocent face."
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