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Purchased From: Brownie Ranch, at 2400g each.

Caring for a Duck.

Age at Purchase: Adult

Colors: White only

Lifespan: Around 3 Years, eats Feed

Happiness : Increased by being talked to, hand-fed, and let outside on sunny days

Products: Eggs, Mayonnaise (With the Mayo Maker)

Product Prices :

Eggs: 150G / 190G / 230G / 380G
                     Mayo: 190G / 190G / 190G / 190G

Breeding: Breeds by throwing an egg in the incubator. After that you wait 7 days for a duckling, then 7 more for an adult duck.

Interesting Notes:

  • Notice that duck mayo has no quality, so the price is the same no matter what level egg you throw into the mayo maker, so only the decent duck egg made mayo has a profit.
  • Lays an egg every two days, unlike a chicken, which lays every day.
  • Sometimes mallards (green head, brown body) are seen on Maple Lake. However, your livestock ducks will only be white; it's not possible to own a mallard duck.
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