An Egg is a type of animal product in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Types of Eggs

Chickens are able to produce one Egg each day. A Chicken that has won the Chicken Festival competition will produce Golden eggs. Eggs can be cooked, put into an incubator, shipped or given as a gift.

Types of Eggs
Item Value
Eggs Egg 50G
Golden egg Golden egg 150G

Egg Quality

The quality of an Egg is determined by the Chicken's affection level. Quality does not affect the value of an Egg. Eggs always sell for 50G.

Egg Quality
Affection Quality
1 - 3 Hearts Normal
4 - 7 Hearts Good
8 - 10 Hearts Excellent

Eggs can be converted into Mayonnaise with a Mayonnaise Maker. The quality of the Egg determines the size of the Mayonnaise produced.

Item Value Quality of Egg Used
Mayonnaise S 100G Normal
Mayonnaise M 150G Good
Mayonnaise L 200G Excellent
Mayonnaise G 300G Golden egg


Ann Heart Event

This event will trigger if you have a 3 Chickens in your Coop. This could happen even if one of your Chickens still doesn't lay eggs because it just grows up from a Chick. 

Ann will come by to your House and saying that they need some supplier of their Eggs. They will need 3 Eggs everyday and if you show up, you will be 450 G. If you deliver Ann some Eggs in 7 consecutive days She will increase some affections for you.

Popuri Heart Event

The requirements of this Event is to have a one space for your Chicken Coop and having Popuri at 15,000 Affection Points.

Popuri will come by to your Farm and will give you an Egg which will automatically increase her affections to you. It will be your choice what you want to do with the Egg. But the best way is to hatch it into your Incubator and Popuri will grow some affection points to you again. After it hatched and named it "Popuri", Popuri will visit you again and will gain some affection points.


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