You will unlock the Egg Decoration Stand when you first buy a chicken from the Animal Shop. When customers enter the Egg Decoration Stand, they will ask for a decorated egg that one of your poultry animals laid. The customer will ask for a for specific type of egg decorated with certain colors, stickers, and themes.


Egg Stand 1
Keep your eye on the bird that is going to lay an egg.

Egg Boiler

Egg Stand 2
The Egg Boiler is an add-on you can buy from the Tool Shop for 1500 G.

Twist the Wii Remote to change the heat. Turn it up to make the egg rise. Turn it down to make it sink. Guide the egg to the end!

Egg Roller

Egg Stand 3
The Egg Roller is an add-on you can buy from the Tool Shop for 3000 G.

Tilt the Wii Remote to roll the egg to the goal to dry it off. Watch out for the animals!


Egg Stand 4
Use the Wii Remote to decorate the egg! Select the colors, stickers and decorations that your customer wants.
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