• Introductory Line: "Oh, and who might you be? When did you get here? I'm Eileen. So pleased to meet you!"
  • "Good morning there, ___. *Yawn* I love mornings, but it takes me a long time to wake up."
  • "___, good morning! I love mornings no matter the weather."
  • "Hello there! Ooh, I get so tired right around now."
  • "Hello there, ___! You look well!"
  • "___! Hello there! All right, time to get serious about today's work!"
  • "Good evening, ___! I'm always starving by this time."


  • "Today is my day off! What to do, what to do? Hee hee."
  • "When I'm relaxing here, time just seems to slow down."
  • You live in Konohana: "I love the buildings in the village where you live, ___."

At Bluebell Town Hall:

  • "I always feel like I'm at my grandparent's here. I feel so at peace."
  • "This is the village's recreation center. Take a rest with me, _____."
  • Snowstorm: "I had so much fun making snow forts when I was little. Maybe I'll go make one today! That would be pretty cool, don't you think?"
  • During a typhoon: "I just hate typhoons. They can wreck houses, you know! How can they undo my hard work like that? Nature can be such a jerk!"
  • After a typhoon: "What terrible weather we had yesterday! I do hope your house wasn't damaged. I'll help with any repairs you need. Just say the word!"
  • Start a request: "So you saw my request on the message board? Thanks a lot!"
  • Finish a request: " You were a huge help! Thanks a lot! I'll see you later. I hope you'll help me out again sometime."
  • When shown the blue feather: "Ooh, what a beautiful feather! Where can I get one like that?"

Mountain Area:

  • "I enjoy myself so much when I come here. I can feel all my stress just fall away."
  • "Here we go! Mountain climbing is great exercise!"

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Oh dear, what is it? Sorry, I'm a little busy."
  • Three flowers: "I have so much fun being a carpenter. It makes me so happy to build the things I dream up."
  • Four flowers: "Oh dear. I got hungry a few hours ago, then completely forgot about it. I've really got to remember to eat something when I get the chance.. Not right now though. There's so much to do!"
  • Five flowers: "People say I'm too reckless when I work. But I hardly ever cause accidents! It just LOOKS like I'm being careless!"
  • Six flowers: "There is someone I have feelings for. He's a little odd, but he's an amazing crafstman. Hee hee hee!" 
  • Seven flowers: "I'm so glad we're such good friends, ___. I hope we can always tell each other everything."


  • Liked: "Ooh, this is lovely! What? It's for me? Thank you so much!"
  • Neutral: "Thank you so much! How nice of you."
  • Mutliple Gifts: "Another gift today? Sorry. That's just too many. Thanks though."

Birthday Gift:

  • "What a treat to get such a nice birthday present! Thank you so much!"
  • "Oh, a birthday present? Thank you so much!"


  • "I'm so excited about today's festival!"
  • "It's a festival day! I have butterflies in my stomach."

Cooking Festival

  • You live in Bluebell and lose: "We lost! I"m kind of in shock!"
  • You cheer for Bluebell and they lose: "So we lost, huh? Thanks for all your support anyway."
  • You cheer for Bluebell and they win: "So we won, huh? Thanks for cheering so loudly!"
  • You live in Bluebell and win:
    • "I wish I could be a good cook like you. That looked amazing! 
    • "Congratulations, ___. That was amazing!"

Animal Festival


  • "Next time, can I pet your <animal>? Promise me!"
  • "Your farm is so amazing, ___. I'm sure you won due to your great farming techniques."
  • "Your <animal> was so cute! I just wanted to hug it!"

Lose: "What a pity! I was rooting for you, too. It's really too bad."

Hand Fishing Contest

  • "Children always love this festival. Oh, I don't mean that you're a child, ___."


  • "Oh my, you caught so many! You're amazing!"
  • "Congratulations! You're amazing! You're a star!"

Flower Day Festival

"Ooh, how nice! ♥ Thank you so much, ___."

Music Festival

  • "What a breath taking festival. I can't wait for next year's!"
  • "What a great festival. That was just beautiful."
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