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This article is about Elliza in Island of Happiness. You may be looking for Eliza in Sunshine Islands.

Eliza (エリザ, Elisa) is a villager in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

She is the daughter of Gannon, and arrives after the player upgrades their home to level 2. She used to live with her grandmother until she decided to visit her father. She is very girly and feminine, liking flowers and caring about beauty on an extreme length for a child. She likes to play with Charlie, probably because he is the only child around her age.

She wants to get married to a handsome rich man when she's older. She may or may not be aware of the crush Charlie has on her.


Monday through Thursdays, Saturdays (Sunny)
Gannon's Shop 6AM - 8AM
Beach 9AM - 12PM
West Town 1PM - 3PM
Gannon's Shop 4PM - 6AM
Saturday through Thursday (Raining)
Gannon's Shop All Day
Friday (Sunny)
Beach 6AM - 9AM
Gannon's Shop 10AM - 5PM
West Town 6PM - 7PM
Gannon's Shop 7PM - 6AM
Friday (Raining)
Chen's Store 6AM - 2PM
Gannon's Shop 2PM - 6AM
Sunday (Sunny, Diner has been unlocked)
Gannon's Shop 6AM - 7AM
Beach 8AM - 9AM
East Town 10AM - 12PM
Gannon's Shop 1PM - 3PM
Diner 4PM - 7PM
Gannon's Shop 8PM - 6AM
Sunday (Sunny, Diner hasn't been unlocked)
Gannon's Shop 6AM - 3PM
West Town 4PM - 8PM
Gannon's Shop 9PM - 6AM


Gift Preferences
Special Donut
Loved All flowers, Chocolate, Diamond, Pink Diamond, Rice Cakes, Sponge Cake, Sweets, Buckwheat Dumpling, Steamed Cake
Liked Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Sandrose, Topaz, Peridot, Flourite, Moonstone, Agate, Ruby, Curry Dishes, Egg Dishes, Spaghetti Dishes, Fish Dishes
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Edamame, Wild Grasses, Lumber, Material Stone, Gold Lumber, Fodder, Bird Feed, Pet Food, Toadstool, Tofu Dishes, Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer, Hungerizer XL, Natto Dishes
Hated Yarn, Pickled Turnip, Pickled Cucumbers, Natto, Tofu Steak, Boiled Fish, Failed Dish, Buckwheat Chips


  1. Villager Eliza
  2. Villager Eliza
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