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This article is about Eliza in Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Eliza as she appears in Island of Happiness.

Eliza is a villager in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Eliza is the young daughter of Gannon. She loves to dress up, and dreams of one day marrying a rich man. She believes herself to be very beautiful and dreams of getting off of the island. She often plays with Charlie, the other child inhabitant of the islands.

Eliza can be found on Verdure Island on the beach or at Chen's store during the day. Her and Charlie will sometimes play near the dock on Sprout Island. In the evenings, she will go home and stay in her room.


Saturday - Thursday (Raining)
6am - 3pm Inside Home
3pm - 6pm Sprout Island
6pm - 12am Inside House
Saturday - Thursday (Sunny/Cloudy)
Friday (Sunny/Cloudy)
6am - 9am Inside Shop
9am - 2pm Verdure Island
2pm - 9pm Inside Shop
9pm - 12am Verdure Island
Friday (Raining)


Gift Preferences
Special Donut
Loved Flowers (All), Apple Pie, Baked Apple, Baked Banana, Baumkuchen, Buckwheat Dumpling, Candied Yams, Cheesecake, Chestnut Dishes, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Fondue, Churros, Cookies, Fruit Dumpling, Fruit Sandwich, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Pancake, Pineapple Pie, Pumpkin Pudding, Soybean Rice Candy, Sponge Cake, Steamed Cake, Strawberry Rice Candy, Sweet and Sunny, Trifle, Yam Gelatin, Yam Dumpling
Liked Gems (All), Baked Yam, Boiled Egg, Braised Potato, Carpaccio, Corn Cereal, Corn Soup, Cream Croquette, Doria, Curry Dishes (All), Egg Soup, Fish Meuniere, French Fries, Fried Egg, Gazpacho, Gratin, Grilled Eggplant, Herb Salad, Herb Soup, Hot Milk, Lassi, Marinated Fish, Mashed Potato, Mixed Rice, Omelet, Omelet Rice, Onion Salad, Onion Soup, Pizza, Popcorn, Pumpkin Soup, Rice and Beans, Risotto, Roasted Corn, Savory Pancake, Spaghetti, Spaghetti Salad, Spaghetti Soup, Steamed Bun, Stew, Stuffed Cabbage, Tofu Sushi, Tomato Salad, Yam Rice
Disliked Wool, Yarn
Hated Colored Herbs (All), Failed Dish, Fodder, Animal Food (All), Pet Food, Material Stone, Lumber, Golden Lumber
Suffolk Wool


  • If you have 7 hearts with Eliza, she will give you a present if you speak to her on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. She will give you either a Donut (Year 1), Baumkuchen (Year 2) or a Toy Flower (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]


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