• First Meeting: "I'm Eliza. Gannon's my father. I get my beauty from my mom. Nice to meet you."


  • Morning: "Good morning, [player]. Don't I look good today?"
  • Afternoon: "I was thinking about what to do today. Any good ideas?"


  • Morning: "Good morning, [player]. Don't I look good today?"
  • Afternoon: "The secret to my beauty? It's about having confidence."
  • Evening: "Good evening. Staying up late's bad for your skin!"



  • "UV rays are bad for my skin!"
  • "Charlie's so short.. We'd look funny together, unless he was at least my height."
  • On the dock: "One day, I'd like to leave this island and see the world."
  • At Chen's: "You couldn't stock up on some fashionable stuff, could you?"


  • "I'd like to put my beauty to use somewhere other than this tiny island."
  • "Being beautiful can be such a burden..."
  • "My Dad's got no tact..."
  • "Charlie needs to grow up. I'm attracted to a more mature kind of man."
  • Inside Chen's store: "Charlie's such a wimp! Even I can beat him up!"
  • Outside in Winter: "It's so cold. Won't someone come warm up this little princess?"
  • After a typhoon: "I'm not scared of typhoons!"
  • After a blizzard: "Yesterday's blizzard turned everything pretty and white. Not as pretty as me, though."
  • When gifting a sun stone: "Oh, I found this the other day when I was playing with Charlie. I heard you were looking for this stone, [player]. So here you go!"
  • On your birthday: "Today's your birthday, [player]! Here's a present from me!"
  • When shown a disliked animal: "Get it away! It's not that I'm scared, just get it away!"
  • When shown a liked animal: "What cute eyes. Is it yours?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Why are you showing me that? It is beautiful, though.... Just like me!"
  • After you are married: "Marrying, huh....? One of these days, I'm gonna snag myself a prince!"



  • "A gift for me? Thanks!"
  • Declines gift: "I don't want it. I still don't trust you."
  • Multiple gifts: "Quality over quantity! Try again later!"
  • Birthday: "Giving me a birthday present, huh? That's a point in my book."


  • Favorite: "Did you make this doughnut yourself? That's so nice. Thanks."
  • Loved: "For me? I like these. You sure know what you're doing."
  • Liked: "Is this for me? Oh, fine, I'll take it!"
  • Neutral: "Why, thank you."
  • Disliked: "What is this? Oh, I get it! You're jealous of my good looks!"
  • Hated: "I hate this! I'm far too beautiful for something like this!"
  • Horror: "Yuck! That stinks! I'll burn it for you later!"
  • Birthday (Favorite): "A donut for my birthday? How'd you know what I like? Thank you!"
  • Birthday Gift: "Thanks so much for the birthday present."
  • Multiple Gifts: "No, thanks. I'm really tired of getting so many presents..."

Heart Lines

Eliza's heart lines can be seen inside of her house.


  • 0-1 Hearts: "You came to see me again?"
  • 2-3 Hearts: "I can't count on Charlie. I really wish  he'd get strong enough to protect me."
  • 10 Hearts: "How are you doing, [player]?"


  • 0-1 Heart: "[Player], you're looking good today. Not as good as me, but who is?"
  • 2-3 Hearts: "Does the ranch make good money? Thing is, I won't do any work that gets me dirty."
  • 4-5 Hearts: "If I were tall like you, [player], I could be even more fashionable..."
  • 6 Hearts: "My Dad talks like a hooligan, but he's always by my side... So I'll never be all alone."
  • 7 Hearts: "My dream? Let's see.... To dazzle the world with my unmatched beauty!"
  • 8-9 Hearts: "When you're as pretty as me, men just flock to you. It's such a pain."
  • 10 Hearts: "Oh, [player]. Did you come to see me again? Thank you♡"


New Years Day:

  • "I'm so excited for the festival!"

Chicken Festival:

  • "Look at all these chickens! They're so tiny!"
  • "I can't wait to see the chickens again."
  • You enter a chicken: "There's so many chickens! But I'm sure yours is the best, [player]!"
  • You enter and lose: "My gut was wrong!"
  • You enter and win: "Just like I said! Congratulations."

Cooking Contest:

  • "Are you a good cook, [player]?"
  • "I only make the dishes I'm good at!"

Fireworks Festival:

  • "I love fireworks! They're just so pretty."

Harvest Festival:

  • "Stew's got so many ingredients, I didn't know what to bring."
  • High quality ingredients used: "I'm done! Can I have seconds?"
  • Low quality ingredients used: "Phew... I'm full."
  • Poison mushroom added to stew: "I don't feel so good..."

Pumpkin Festival:

  • Asks for candy: "It's the Pumpkin Festival today! Speaking of which, may I get some candy from you?"
  • When given candy: "Oh my, it looks so delectable, [player]! Thank you so much!"
  • "You take the pumpkin stew, [player]! I'm gonna eat everything else!"

Snow Festival:

  • "I'm going to make the biggest snowman!"
  • 6 Hearts (or more): "Yeah! But let's make it huge."
  • 5 Hearts (or less) "I'm going to work alone this time. Sorry, [player]."

Mining Festival:

  • "I love pretty things!"
  • You win: "You actually won! You're amazing, [player]!"
  • You lose: "You didn't win, [player]? That's too bad..."
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