Introduction: "Puff...hic..Have I seen you before?"


When Dialogue
Weekdays (Any Season) "...hic, working like a dog is not the only way to live."

"Howdy, young boys! What's up? ...hic." "Oh well, a lot of things happen while you are alive. You just couldn't go through your life if you got mad at everything."

Sunday (Any Season) "It's my routine to take a walk on Sundays so it's OK with me."
At the Bar(Any Season) "No...I'm still fine."

"ulp...soooo...great! She's out. I can relax as much as I want, yeah."

Raining "Oh no, it started raining now...gee, I was going to work. Well, I can do nothing but stay home today."

Ellen's Mother: "What are you saying? It doesn't matter if It rains to do our work here!"


When Dialogue
Egg Festival "Is the prize juice?"
Harvest Festival "I'm 100% happy only if I could taste when I eat good stuff."
Star Night Festival "Now, you sing something!"
Day Before New Years Festival "This is the last juice to drink seeing snow this year. Well, we can drink juice again seeing flowers soon."
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