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This article is about Ellen, a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Ellen in her other appearances throughout the series..

Ellen (エレン, Eren) is one of the eligible brides in Harvest Moon.

Ellen works as a cook and lives in the local Restaurant. Her mother is the owner of the Restaurant while her father is a 'juiceaholic' (he'd rather drink 'juice' then he would work and help his family), and her uncle is the town's Livestock Dealer.

Ellen is an excellent cook, and loves animals. She is also very responsible and kind. Ellen's diary is located on the left side of her bed in her bedroom at the Restaurant.


Gift Preferences
Loved Eggs, Milk, Rose Perfume
Liked Corn, Fish, Moon Flowers, Potatoes, Summer Fruit, Tomatoes, Turnips, Wild Grapes, Fullmoon Berry
Neutral Cake, Cave Herbs, Flowers, Fodder, Mushrooms
Disliked Weeds
Hated Poisonous Mushrooms


  • Weekdays: Walking around at the front of the Livestock Shop (daytime)
  • Saturday: Either same place in the weekdays or behind the Livestock Shop (daytime).
  • Sunday: In the church (daytime).
  • Rain/Snow: In the back room of the Restaurant.
  • Note: In the Spring season on weekdays and on Saturday at nightime; Ellen will be at the Bar. On other nights; she will be mostly working in the Restaurant.


Flower Festival: Speak to Ellen before anyone else to get an affection bonus. Buy a Rose Perfume which will raise her affection level. Choosing to dance with her will also give you an affection bonus.

Harvest Festival: Answer Ellen's questions correctly to win points with her, choosing her as your dancing partner will give you an affection bonus.

Star Night Festival: Ellen can be found at the Town Square. Watching the stars with her will give you an affection bonus.

Special Event

At some point in the game; Ellen will come to your farm and tells you that her pet bird, P-Chan, is missing and will ask you to help her find it. You can find the pet bird near the fishing pond on the mountain.  When you approach P-Chan, Ellen will suddenly appear and 'chat' with P-Chan. Then she will decide to let P-Chan free to return to the wild (though Ellen will be happy that you have found her former pet bird).

Notice: If you find P-Chan before doing any of your daily chores; you will be not able to do them since the event will automatically end that day. You will wake up the next day. Also, you can do this special event at night.


  • At the beginning of the game, Ellen will give you a free pet dog.
  • After you marry Ellen, she will have a domesticated type personality and spends her time at home. She can be found outside of the cow's barn, possibly caring for all of your farm animals.
  • Ellen loves animals so much that she will spend free time from work hanging around her uncle's shop.
  • She grows old and makes an appearance in Harvest Moon 64. She is also Elli's grandmother. This makes her the only character from this game to appear in Harvest Moon 64.
  • Ellen's hair is short, but after the player marries her, her hair becomes long and tied in braids.
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