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This article is about Elli, a character from Harvest Moon DS. You may be looking for Elli in her other appearances throughout the series.

Elli (エリス, Elise) is a character in Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. She is one of the eligible bachelorettes to court in DS.

Elli is unlocked after connecting DS and Cute to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, respectively, via GBA connection.

Elli visits Forget-Me-Not Valley on Wednesdays from Mineral Town with Doctor Trent. They both study medicine at the clinic, but can be found around the Goddess Pond in the afternoon.

Elli is a caring person who is curious about medicine, and wants to use her abilities to help people. Because Elli is only in town Wednesdays, she will be a difficult girl to court, as this is the only time that you can give her gifts. Her heart level is difficult to track because it is invisible.

Marrying any Mineral Town bachelorette in DS will cause the game to end. After the credit finished rolling, players can resume from their last save spot.


Gift Preferences
Favorited Moon Dumpling
Loved Strawberry, Toy Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Red Magicgrass Flower, Blue Magicgrass Flower, Milk, Necklace, Bracelet, Broach, Earrings, Diamond, Pink Diamond, Lithograph, Dumpling Powder, Hot Milk, Roasted Rice Cake, Strawberry Milk, Sponge Cake, Elli Leaves
Liked Banana, Yogurt, Blue Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, Fish, Dress, Sunblock Facial Pack, Skin Lotion, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Chocolate, Popcorn, French Toast, Doughnut, Grilled Fish, Pancake, Risotto, Hot Chocolate, Fish Stew, Boiled Spinach, Candied Potato, Strawberry Jam, Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Mountain Stew, Porridge, Relaxtea, Baked Yam, Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Grape Juice, Banana Juice, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Latte, Mixed Latte, Fish Sticks, Green Dumpling, Chimaki, Steamed Bun, Steamed Egg, Chinese Bun, Steamed Cake, Pudding, Pumpkin Pdding, Salad, Sandwitch, Sushi, Chirashi Sushi, Ice Cream, Relaxtea Leaves
Disliked Corn, Onion, Pepper, Yellow Grass, Wine, Stir Fry, Fried Rice, Scrambled Eggs, Omelet, Omelet Rice, Wild Grape Wine, Marmalade, Ketchup
Hated Toadstool, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil
Horror Tomato Juice

Heart Events

Black Heart Event

  • Pass out from exhaustion over 50 times.
  • On Wednesday.
  • Elli is at a black heart color or higher.

Pass out 1 more time on a Wednesday after meeting the 50+ blackout requirements and you'll wake up in your bed with Elli standing over you. She tells you it's not good for you to work until you become too tired. Elli is going to take care of you this time. Tell her "thank you" and she'll tell you to be a good, obedient patient.

Purple Heart Event

  • Walk from Main Pathway to Romana's Mansion.
  • 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, on a rainy Wednesday.
  • Elli is at a purple heart color or higher.
  • You have seen the black heart event.

Walk towards Romana's mansion and you'll find a distressed Elli on the pathway. When she left the mansion she ended up falling down the path steps, and now she's forgotten something back at the house! Volunteer to take her to the Clinic even though she wants to go back for her item.

At the Clinic, Hardy says she didn't need to come here for her injury. Since she is a nurse she should have known the extent of the damage. Elli admits that she panics when she is injured. Hardy lightens up a bit and tells her it wouldn't be any good if she paniced with a patient! Elli thanks you and decides to head back to the mansion.

Blue Heart Event

  • At Romana's Mansion
  • 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday (rainy weather)
  • Elli is at a blue heart color or higher
  • You have see the black and purple heart events

Walk into the house and you'll find Elli and Romana in the bedroom. Romana explains her legs feel bad lately so Elli comes to give her a massage. Elli learned how to massage bad legs from a book her ancestor wrote, so she thought she would try it on Romana. Romana appreciates Elli's efforts and you can tell her "I respect that" as well. Your praise cause her to blush and she thanks both of you.

Yellow Heart Event

  • Exit your farmhouse.
  • 6:00 am to 8:00 am, on a sunny Wednesday.
  • Elli is at a yellow heart color.
  • You have seen the black, purple, and blue heart events.

As you leave your house you'll be greeted by Elli. She asks if you get tired from all the hard work you do on your farm. Elli made something she feels will help you. If you tell her "I'd certainly take it" she will give you some Elli Leaves.

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