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"....Ahaha! Aren't you an interesting one!"

Emilia (エミリア, Emilia) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. A strong minded and energetic girl. She mines ores with her father.[3]

As one of Lady Galarial's "blessed girls" befriending her just might help your crops in some way! To unlock her just go to Lampling Village to see a cut scene where Emilia is leading a group of kids from the forest. After that, just go and talk to her to see another cut scene where she introduces herself. Visit her frequently and bring her gifts to raise her friendship level. FP levels are shown by a pink flower next to her name.

A country girl from the village of Lampling in the Urbain Forest, located in Galariland's northwest. With the Urbain region being as mineral-rich as it is (especially in the forested sections), it should be no surprise that Emilia is simply nuts about quarrying, always wearing a hammer at her side that's been passed down to her by her father. Because her interests lie almost solely in the hunt for ore, she's often thought of by her fellow townsfolk as something of a tomboy, though she does have a bit of a secret "girly" side to her as well – she just doesn't feel entirely comfortable letting it show.[4]


Gift Preferences
Loved Apple Pie
Liked Tear-Inducing Onion
Neutral Milky Risoto, Fruit-Flavored Milk
Disliked Ballistic Carrot, Nectarous Potato



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  2. ……あはは!キミなんだか面白いねー!
  3. 男勝りな元気な女の子。父親と一緒に鉱石を採っている。
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