Friendship Lines

Two Petals

  • ""Heya. Found a right purdy stone in my quarryin' not too long ago. Wish you coulda seen it, but it's already been shipped out."
  • "Well, if it ain't Pietro! What are you up to today? You find any nice-lookin' stones, you be sure an' tell me about 'em, y' hear?"
  • "... You know, every time I'm feelin' a little low on energy, all I gotta do is see you visitin', and it perks me right up again. Why is that, you reckon?"

Three Petals

  • "... Well, that clinches it. I'm gonna act more girly from now on! Maybe then P—Pietro, hi! Haha ... ha ... H-How ya doin' this fine day?"
  • "Wonder how I'd look in a skirt. Wh-What do you think? ... Ha ... haha ... Yeah, right! I totally gotcha. What, you think I was serious?!"
  • "That floofy dress at the store sure was purdy. I wonder if I should try it on ... A-Aah, Pietro! Didn't see ya there. No, I wasn't sayin' nothin'! Haha ..."

Four Petals

  • "*sigh* Wonder what Pietro's up to right now ... G-Gah! Pietro?! Wh-Whoa! How ... are ya?"
  • "... Pietro, what kindsa girls you like? Do you like 'em ... more girly than me? I'm just ... wonderin', is all. No reason! Don't think too hard about it."
  • "Wh-Whoa! Pietro! I was just thinkin' about you, and there you are! You some kinda genie or somethin'?"

Five Petals

  • "I heard a lot o' good things about your farm, but actually bein' here, I can see the rumors didn't do it justice. Real glad I worked up the courage to come!"
  • "Heya, Pietro! How's the quarryin' been goin'? Betcha my influence has been gettin' to ya, an' you been scorin' some rarer ore!"

Gift Response

  • Loved Gift: "Apple Pie! For me?! Man, you sure do know the way to a country girl's heart! Thanks muchly!"
  • Liked Gift: "Don't tell me you remembered what I like! Eheh ... That's actually real sweet o' ya. Thanks so much!"
  • Neutral Gift: "Ooh, thanks! That's a right thoughtful gesture."
  • Disliked Gift: "Uhm... Sorry to disappoint, but I ain't too keen on these. 'Ppreciate the thought, though!"
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