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Emma Cossack is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Emma is a long time resident of Volcano Island. She works at the Winery with Jean. Her brother Lenny works at the Shop-A-Million supermarket. When Emma isn't working at the Winery during the day, she can be seen at the supermarket delivering wine in the evenings. She also attends Masami's flower arranging class at Volcano Town School on Saturdays.

She and Million have been friends since childhood, and Lenny wants to see his sister marry Million. Emma seems to have feelings for Million but hasn't said anything to him about it. Million, unfortunately, seems to be oblivious to this and is blinded by his attraction to Sharon. At the Christmas Party, Lenny expresses concerns that Emma may lose Million to Sharon if she doesn't tell him how she feels.

If you give Emma the Angel Ribbon and Million the Cool Pins before the island is saved, her and Million will get married afterwards. You will be able to get more entries for Liberta's dictionary this way, but she does not give you a jewel like Jessica does if given the ribbon. 
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