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Energy Hearts

You start the game with 5 Energy Hearts (Powerberries in previous Harvest Moon games). The maximum is 8 Energy Hearts.

Gain Energy Hearts

As you progress through the game, you can gain extra hearts by completing the following.

  • Reach Level 100 in the Mines. Rowan will appear and surprised that you've made that far and will ask you to rest for the day. Before leaving, Rowan will boost your energy level with an extra heart.
  • Get Married. After you marry a bachelor/bachelorette, the next day you wake up, Rowan will ask you to go out as something had happened to the Sprite Tree. Villagers will come by and started to remember the memories of your farm. After the event, you will gain an extra heart.
  • Complete the Family Bond Memory event by having highest favorability with your family and both of your children are grown up and able to walk. Talk to your wife/husband to trigger the event. After the event, you will gain an extra heart.

Replenish Stamina

While you are in farming mode, every task you complete will deplete your stamina (indicated by the hearts located on the upper left hand corner of the screen). When the levels are dangerously low (i.e. half a heart left) you may end up fainting. This means losing half a day in the game, as you wake up on your bed the next day at noon. If your animals were out, they will be mad at you. Also, if you faint during midday, it means that you lose the rest of the day as well.

To prevent that from happening, it's a good idea to have some food with you because they help you replenish your stamina. Keep in mind that cooked food is much more effective than raw food (i.e. apples, vegetables, etc.).

Smiley Faces

The smiley face that's displayed next to the energy hearts, on the top left corner of the screen, is very important because it indicates how slowly or quickly you will run out of stamina.

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