• Introductory Line: "Huh? Who are you? Ooh, ___. Nice to meet you! I'm Enrique. I'm the younger brother of Raul and Diego by several minutes. And I'm definitely the cutest!"
  • "Hi, __. How are you today?"
  • "Hello there. You seem happy today, ____."
  • "Hello there. How can I make more money? That's the eternal question."
  • "Good morning, ___. You know what they say about the early bird and the worm."
  • "Good morning! I didn't sleep very well last night. I'm tired..."
  • "Evening! I always get good ideas for the shop at night. Ooh.......Oh. I thought I had an idea, but it was just indigestion."
  • "Evening, ___. Another busy day over..."


  • "I help to stock the shop. It's a lot of work."
  • "What's Diego up to? Is he working hard?"
  • "Diego and Raul can be kind of scary sometimes. That's older brothers for you! But I'm the youngest, so I'm the cutest."
  • "Stocking the shop is hard work. It takes a lot of stamina."
  • "It's tempting to go fast downhill, but if you get careless, you might trip!"
  • "I'm going to the other village with Diego and Raul. It will be like a little vacation."
  • Typhoon: "I hate typhoons. The rain just makes a mess of everything!"
  • Snowstorm: "Once my brothers packed me inside a snowman. I get cold just thinking about it."
  • When shown the blue feather: "A blue feather! What great color. This is the nicest blue feather I've ever seen. You're lucky, ___."


  • Favorite Gift: "Chocolate ice cream! Chocolate ice cream! Chocolate ice cream! I'm so excited! Thank you soo much!"
  • Liked Gift: "I'm so happy! I was just thinking about how I wanted this!"
  • Multiple Gifts: "That's okay. You've already given me enough today, ___."
  • Birthday: "Yahoo! I didn't think you'd get me a birthday present! You're the best, ___. I'm going to go brag about this to my brothers."
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