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This article is about Eve, a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Eve from Harvest Moon GBC or Eve, a character from Magical Melody.

Eve (イヴ, Ivu) is one of the eligible brides in Harvest Moon.

She works at the local bar at the town where the player lives. She is beautiful, flirtatious, and seemingly carefree. She partakes in the consumption of juice, and loves to brew her own. Eve has no parents, and struggles with abandonment issues. Despite her outer appearances, Eve struggles with her self esteem.

Eve is one of the more easy women to impress, but when you are married, is the hardest to keep happy. Eve's diary is located on the left side of her bed at the Bar.


Gift Preferences
Loved Flowers, Cake
Liked Corn, Eggs, Milk, Tomatoes, Moon Flowers, Mushrooms, Potatoes, Summer Fruit, Turnips, Wild Grapes
Neutral Cave Herbs, Fodder, Fullmoon Berry
Disliked Weeds
Hated Poisonous Mushrooms, Fish


  • Weekdays: Shopping in the Town Square or next to the mountain's Spa (daytime).
  • Saturday: Walking around on the mountain (daytime).
  • Sunday: At the mountain's Spa (nighttime).
  • Rain/Snow: In the bar, working.
  • Notice: At nightime; Eve will be at the bar (except Sunday).


Flower Festival: Speak to Eve before anyone else to get an affection bonus. Buy a Rose perfume which will raise her affection level (by the most points). Choosing to dance with her will also give you an affection bonus.

Harvest Festival: Answer Eve's questions correctly to win points with her, and once again choosing her as your dancing partner will give you an affection bonus.

Star Night Festival: Eve can be found in the Bar (as always except Sunday). Watching the stars with her will give you an affection bonus.

Special Event

At some point in the game the carpenter will race to your farm as soon you wake up that day and will quickly tell you that Eve's grandfather, Terry (he is the hunter in the game) is trapped in the mountain's cave. Bring your hammer to clear away the rocks to get to him, as he is at the back of the cave.

After rescuing him, Eve will come to you and tells you how worried she is about her grandfather's safety and thanks you.


  • Eve is afraid of being alone if you leave her for just a second after you marry her (so if you don't stay with her or give her gifts regularly, you will lose affection/hearts).
  • She is the grandmother of Karen in Harvest Moon 64.
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