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Eve is one of the marriage candidates in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

A beautiful waitress working at the Moonlight Cafe, Eve is a cheerful and flirty girl. She works hard for Duke who is not only her boss, but also her Uncle. Eve arrives in town on the first day of Summer when the Cafe opens.

One of her main objectives when coming to Flowerbud Village will be to bring her grandfather Terry back to live with her. Eve's parents have died, which contributes to feelings of wanting to take care of others. She's a bit of a romantic and enjoys gems, flowers, and juice.


  • Inside Moonlight Café (evenings, not Thursday)
  • At the bridge above the carpenter's workshop.
  • In the Village Square.
  • At the beach.
  • At Sunny Lake.
  • By the mountain path (where Paradise Orchard is built).

Moving Out

After Eve becomes a permanent resident of the village, she may move out again for a temporary amount of time. This is due to the player not shipping enough crops and fruits in their shipping box. In order for Eve to move back into the village, grow crops and ship them through the shipping box. 


Gift Preferences
Loved Strawberry, Very Berry Soda, Special Cheese, Ruby Jewelry, Pink Balm, Purple Balm
Liked Moonstone, Amethyst, Mushroom, Cheese, Flowers (All)
Neutral Very Berry, Very Berry Jam
Disliked Weeds, Toadstools, Toadstool Saute

Heart Lines

0 hearts: "Hee-hee. I like people who tell interesting stories♪"

1 heart: "Hee-hee. I like people who feel positive about everything.♥"

2 hearts: "I came to this village wanting to take my grandpa back to town, but he doesn't like the idea..."

3 hearts: "Grandpa said that there are mountain gods in these hills. They might be somewhere around here."

4 hearts: "It's a very important thing to have a place to talk with the person dear to you. After all, being alone is lonesome, isn't it?"

5 hearts: "My parents died in an accident. I came here to live with my Grandpa. Now he's my only living relative."

6 hearts: "I lived in this village when I was little. I was Grandpa's girl and always followed him around."

7 hearts: "Lately, I've been thinking about living here rather than taking Grandpa back to town. It helps that you're here too."

8 hearts: "Oh my... I'm quite a bit older then you, ___. But I can't help thinking about you. What am I going to do?"

9-10 hearts: "Having my heart taken by you is what disrupts my spirit and throws me into confusion. Hee-hee. You're bad. "

After Marriage: "Good morning! We really got married, didn't we? Now then, what should I call you? Hee-hee. Okay then ___♥ It's my pleasure!"

Heart Events

Eve's 2 Heart Event (Magical Melody)

Eve's 2 Heart Event (Magical Melody)

2-Heart Gift

Eve will come to your front door as you leave in the morning (regardless of which gender you're playing as) when she reaches two hearts.

She will give you a glass of Very Berry Soda, and you will also get the "Night Moon" note.

Eve's 5 Heart Event (Magical Melody)

Eve's 5 Heart Event (Magical Melody)

5-Heart Gift

Eve will bring a second gift at 5 hearts, if you are playing as a male character.

Eve will knock on your door in the morning as you leave and will give you a glass of Grape Soda.

Eve's Wedding (Magical Melody)

Eve's Wedding (Magical Melody)


After meeting all the of the marriage requirements and receiving your Blue Feather, the player will be able to propose.

Whichever character you're proposing to must have a minimum of 8 hearts. If they accept your Blue Feather, the wedding will take place the following day (unless the following day is a festival). The wedding will take up one full day.

Dan & Eve - Rival Event

Dan & Eve - Rival Event


In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, each bachelor and bachelorette can be paired off to what is considered as the main character's rival.  

Each rival couple has one heart event between them, but they will never marry. You must have 4 hearts with your rival (the person of the same gender), and the marriage candidate must have less than 4 hearts.

Your rival for Eve affection is Dan. Their event takes place at Paradise Orchard, and Meryl must be a villager. Befriend Ronald up to three hearts for Meryl to move in. 

Musical Note

Eve provides you with the 84th musical note, "Night Moon", when she brings you a gift for building up her friendship level to 2 hearts.

Note Description: “An attractive belle who's cheerful. And those sad eyes she shows sometimes are attractive, too."

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