Fishing Contest

Spring 10, Summer 10, Fall 10, Winter 10

Speak to Sam at the town fountain before 10AM to start the contest. Fish to earn points until 4PM. Sam will announce the contest's completion, and you do not need to run back to him.

Beginner's Class

  • Winner Prize: 5 Special Feed
  • Consolidation Prize: 5 Good Feed

Intermediate Class

  • Winner Prize: 5 Ultimate Feed
  • Consolation Prize:

Cooking Contest

Spring 20, Summer 20, Fall 20, Winter 20

Speak to Bastian at the town fountain before 10AM to start the contest. Turn in 10 dishes with as high of star quality as you can. High quality yogurt, cheese, and mayonnaise are easy dishes to submit.

Beginner Class

  • Winner Prize: 5 Great Flour
  • Consolidation Prize:

Egg Festival

Spring 15 starting in Year 2

Speak to Sofia at the town fountain before 10AM to start the egg hunt. Look for yellow sparkles to indicate and egg's location. Eggs are awarded random point values. The most point at 4PM wins. You do not have to run back to Sofia by 4PM, as the event will automatically finish. Because of this, search Gorgan's cave last (at about 3pm).

A good route to take is: circle around the back of the village, go through Radiant Hill, Harvest Goddess Spring, Mine 1, Mine 2, and Gorgan's Mine.

Beginner Class

  • Winner Prize: 5 Bass Blend
  • Consolation Prize: 3 Eggs

Horse Festival

Summer 15

Talk to Naomi at eh town fountain before 10AM to start the race. The race is a time trial, and you will be riding by yourself. Ride your horse from the fountain to the Harvest Goddess Spring. Circle around the Harvest Goddess Spring to hit the check point, and return to the fountain. Keep your horse close to the front fence in the village to keep from getting stuck on the platform.

Beginner Class

  • Winner Prize: Passion Feed
  • Consolation Prize: Great Animal Feed x5

Harvest Festival

Fall 15

Thank one person to receive a +7% boost in chemistry. Talk to your significant other and select the option to thank him or her.

Starry Night Festival

Winter 15

One week prior, you can ask your significant other to view the stars with them for the festival. Be inside your house at 7PM on Winter 15, and your partner will pick you up. Whoever you ask will get +7% in Chemistry.


Winter 25

Rowan will appear and leave you a gift of seeds.

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