Dig Site
The Excavation Site is an area in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life where the player can dig up fossils, ores, and various artifiacts.

This is where Carter and Flora live and are employed. Any time that Carter is inside the dig site, you can talk to him, and he will allow you to dig. You can dig until 5PM each day, at which point Carter will stop you and ask if he can look at what you've dug up.

The player is allowed to keep everything that they have dug up, with the exception of tablets which Carter will keep. The dig site will expand each year, assuming that the player has found a tablet in each year.

Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Years 5/6 Sell price
Mysterious Tablet N/A
Coin 10 G
Human Statue 40 G
Moon Ore 40 G
Skull Fossil 50 G
Silver Coin 40 G
Horse Statue 70 G
Sugar Ore 50 G
Fossil 40 G
Gold Coin 50 G
Jade Ball 150 G
Hop Ore 80 G
Hip Fossil 60 G
Strange Item 300 G
Temple Ore 150 G
Strange Fossil 80 G
Stone Disc 500 G
Prosper Ore 300 G
Back Fossil 400 G


  • Regardless of what the weather was before entering the site once you have finished digging the weather will always be sunny.
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