Home Extensions are a game feature in Harvest Moon 64.

The player may purchase extensions from the Head Carpenter in exchange for money and lumber. These extensions often serve a useful purpose for the player and make managing the farm and inventory easier.


Main article: Your Kitchen (HM64)
  • Cost: 5000G, 450 Lumber

The kitchen is required to get married. In it will be the recipe book, a poster showing the Power Berries collected, and a refrigerator for storing food. After marriage, it will be used to celebrate birthdays (player's, wife's, and child's) and the player's anniversary.


Main article: Your Bathroom (HM64)
  • Cost: 3000G, 300 Lumber

The bathroom consists of a toilet, and a spa like that in the mountains. Both the spa and toilet recover fatigue once per day.


  • Cost: 2000G, 250 Lumber

It leads to the roof of the house.


  • Cost: 30000G, 580 Lumber

The greenhouse is possibly the best extension to can get. It allows the player to grow any plant at any time of the year (they all become available for purchase at Flower Lillia), without having to worry about it dying when the seasons change, or wasting time during the day. The only downside to it is that it can be destroyed in a typhoon, which will cause the player to have to pay again to get another built, unless the player wins the Invincible Katori during the Sea Festival (or if the player puts their dog in the greenhouse). The greenhouse takes about five days after requesting it to be built.


  • Cost: 7000G, 350 Lumber

The log-terrace is a patio that is built behind your house. Sometimes, the player and their wife will use it to view fireworks. Other than that, it serves no purpose, but those characters the player makes friends with will gather on it during the evaluation by the player's father.

Baby Bed

  • Cost: 1000G, 150 Lumber

The baby bed is required for you to be able to get the player's wife pregnant. Once it is built, it will appear at the foot of the bed. When the baby is born, he will sleep here throughout his entire life.

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