The Fall Festival is an annual event that takes place in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

This festival celebrates the end of the Fall season and the bounty its harvest brings. The Fall festival is basically the Thanksgiving festival of other Harvest Moon titles. To celebrate the Fall Festival, give food to everyone as this will increase your popularity. If you give people their favourite food, their appreciation of you will jump half a note up!

Time : All day

Date : 30 Fall 

On the day of the festival, Rowan will greet you after you wake up and tell you to celebrate the festival by giving cooked food to the villagers.

You may gift people with something you cooked, but that is not necessary as long as it's an edible item. All villagers have a favoured food item. The specific food for a specific character can be known by talking to Tabitha one week before the festival.

Gifting ANY cooked food that day to the Bachelor/Bachelorette you favour will trigger The Fall Festival memory event, and of course raise your value with your chosen marriage candidate!

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