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The Farm is a location in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

The Farm is just outside your house and this is where the player usually do the job such as plowing, planting, watering and harvesting. But such works could be done by the Harvest Sprites.  

As what has been inherited from the player's grandfather, the farm has a small house, a doghouse, a fish pond, a horse stable and a large field for growing crops. As the game progresses, the player may expand the existing building.

To expand or build farm buildings, the player must talk to Gotz with an appropriate amount of gold and lumber.


Old Farm

The farm a long ago

Before the gameplay starts, the history of the farm then shows but the story may differ for the boys and for the girls.

For the boys version, the farm was first shown with the player's grandfather owning it and the players as a kid, having a visit. This is where the player spend the vacation and proof can be seen with the kid, the player trying to play with the animals. Since the the player's grandfather was still able to utilize the Farm, it was still stable until the he became gone presumably died from a sickness. Since then, the farm has became neglected and the player become the predecessor of the grandfather's farm.


Because of the farm being neglected for years, the farm became a product of mess.

But with great effort and good maintenance, the field will and would be great for raising good crops. The field is actually wide and may be hard to maintain.

Restoration of Farm

Farm Field

Neglected Farm

You will need to start and clean up all the mess of the farm manually. If you start your own day with preparing the soil for the crops you want to grow, it would be more useful.

It would actually needs hardwork and diligence to clean all the obstacles in the field to make more spaces to grow crops. By hammering the stones, using axe to the branch, you can clean up the field. There are also some big obstacles that will need upgraded tools to be destroyed.

After having it clean. you can now make something that would beautify your farm. But if you just want to have some money, just till the fields and grow crops.

You need first to till the soil before using the seeds you bought from the Supermarket then water it afterwards. If you till the soil 3x3 separately, you can make up to 36 fields. You can make an easy way to water crops when you get the Gold Watering Can. You can also see a shipping bin near the edge of the left top corner. This is where you will ship things that can be shipped.

You can also put your Animals in the field too so you can easily interact with them. If you put your Chickens outside, you would not feed them and they will can find their own food. If you put your Cows and Sheeps outside, you should have mature Grass in your Fields. Your Dog and Horse can live without feeding them so don't worry.

To beautify your Farm, you will either put fences made of Lumber in some ways and grow some flowers in your Fields.


Your Farm also consists some good features too such as having a Fish Pond and Apple Tree.

Apple Tree

Tree Bee

Apple Tree with a Beehive

You will automatically obtain this Tree upon the start of the Game.

This tree will act like nothing in Spring and Summer. But in Fall, it will start to produce 3 Apples everyday. You can see the Apples below the Tree.

When you have at least 3x3 field of Flowers, the next day, some Bees will make a Beehive in your Tree. Because of this, you can now have everyday supply of Honey. By giving one Honey to Louis, the price of the Honey will increase when shipped by the day he visits you in your Farm.

Fish Pond

Fish Pond

Fish Pond

Main article: Fish Pond (BTN)

Like the Apple Tree, you can obtain this in an instant.

The purpose of the Pond is to store any size of Fishes into Pond. By throwing fish food once a day, it would be enough to make their size even more bigger and breed at each other to make their numbers increase. If Greg notices that you have at least 50 fishes in your Pond, he will give you a Fishing Pole.

In the winter, the water in the lake will solidify making it impossible to feed the fishes inside. If you catch a new fish, it would be better to put it inside your refrigerator then put it on the Pond once the Winter is over without any side effects.

This is also the good place in the farm to refill your own watering can once the water in the inside of the watering can is empty.

Lumber Shed

The Lumber Shed will make you know how many Lumbers are left in your inventory. Also, if you press x into the shed, you will be automatically handed a Lumber which will decrease the number of your Lumbers by 1. It's also the same while putting it back.

Dog house

At the very start if the game, you can see your Dog placed at the Dog house. But, the dog house was just an entire decoration but can be interacted, By pressing X in front of the Dog house, it will say "<dog's name>'s Doghouse."

Water Mill

The use of this Mill could be useful. If you have a Corn then placed it in the water mill, you can have 10 Chicken Feeds and will be automatically send to your Feed Dispenser in your Chicken Coop. It is located near the exit of the farm in the south.




This is where your Pony will live after you obtain it from Barley.

You can meet up with your Pony/Horse here inside. You can brush him here or talk to him. This is also an ideal area to put your Pony/Horse when there's a bad weather.

There are some interactive signs near the tool decorations. It says something about taking care of the Horse or Pony.

Farm Buildings

All of the buildings are upgradable are farm buildings such as Chicken Coop and Barn. The Hothouse is also counted from them.

Chicken Coop

Main article: Chicken Coop (BTN)
The chicken coop is a place where the Chickens of yours will live.
Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

There will be an incubator, feeding boxes, shipping bin and feed dispenser inside the Coop. These are the things that you'll be exactly needed to have a better caring of the Chickens.

In the expanded version of the Coop, all of the things that the chicken coop has will be multiplied by 2 except the shipping bin. You can now have a Mayonnaise Maker in the Coop because of the expanded space.

To upgrade your Chicken Coop, you will need 5,000 G and 420 pieces of Lumber.


Main article: Barn (BTN)
A Barn is a place where your Cows and Sheeps will live.
Barn 3


Just like the chicken coop, the place has also 10 feed boxes, shipping bin and 1 feed dispenser.

If the Barn is expanded, the feed boxes will be 20 which will make you have a equal 10 sheeps and 10 cows. There will be 2 feed dispenser and 2 birth stalls.

With this kind of space, you can now have Cheese Maker and Yarn Ball Maker inside the your Barn.

If you want to upgrade your Barn, you'll need 6,800 G and 500 pieces of Lumber.


Main article: House (BTN)

Your house will be really small at the very start of the game.

Your house has a 2 expansions in the game. Which in the first upgrade, you will have a cabinet, refrigerator and a kitchen while the second upgrade will make you have two beds. Having two beds will make you complete your marriage requirements. The differences of the Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl is having a mirror, the color of the bed and diary is pink, having a beauty box and having less boxes from the game.

Starter House

Base house

Starter House

This is the very first version of your House.

There will be television, a bed with diary, toolbox and book shelves that serves as configuration settings.

The differences of the Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl is the color of the bed from blue to pink and having a mirror instead of clock decoration.

First Expansion

At this version, you can now have storages in your house. You can now have kitchen which will give you the ability to cook recipes with the required ingredients. By buying cooking utensils in TV Shopping, you will now have the required utensils used in cooking.

You will also have Cabinet and Refrigerator. Everything that can be eated will go to the Refrigerator and the rest will be in the Cabinet.

To upgrade your house to this, you should have 4,700 G and 370 pieces of Lumber.

Second Expansion

House Second

Second Expansion

This will be the last expansion of your House in the game.

You will now have 2 beds and this will allow you to marry a bachelorette in the game.The living room will have it's own table in the middle. Even with your Wife and son, the chairs of the table will be 4.

After having this expansion, Won will come by to your house to sell a Vase for a price of 5,000 G.

This upgrade will also change your television into a high definition but doesn't change the dialog. There will be flowers in the entrance and a Bedroom for two of you.

To have this expanded state, you should have 10,000 G and 750 pieces of Lumber in your inventory.



There will be also an entrance to your Bedroom too.

If you have a Vase from Won, it will be placed near the flowers in the shelf. If you put a flower in the Vase, it will help you to relieve your Fatigue.

Inside the Bedroom. there is also a Fireplace which will also loosen your fatigue if you throw a Lumber in the Fireplace. But this is only available in winter.

Your wife will be here either walking or sleeping based in the time of the night.


The features of the kitchen is like in the first expansion too. But the second expansion's kitchen will have the nicer look. Pressing X into the stove will make you open the cooking menu. Because of the style, the stove will have to change place.

This is the difference of kitchen in the 1st expansion and the 2nd expansion:

Kitchen 1

1st Expansion's Kitchen

Kitchen 2

Second Expansion's Kitchen


Main article: Hothouse (BTN)
A hothouse will make you farm any seasonal crops inside of it.
Hothouse Mixed


With the 7x7 field inside, you can plant atleast 4 seasonal crops inside the Hothouse. There can be also a water stall and shipping bin inside the hothouse. Time also stops inside the hothouse so you can do many thing inside until you ran out of stamina.

The hothouse is made of plastic hence making it destroyed by the hurricanes and snowstorms. Because of this, the only safe seasons of the hothouse are in Spring and Fall.

To order Gotz to build this, you should have 30,000 G and 580 pieces of Lumber.

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