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Your Farm is a location in Harvest Moon 64. It is where the player grows all his crops, grass and tends to his outside animals. It features a House, barn, chicken coop, watering pond and other farm-related objects. With the exception of the baby bed, it is also where you can see all purchased extensions. To earn a perfect game the field must be completely cleared of all weeds and stumps.

The Farm is the only area where the perspective can be changed. With the L- and R-buttons, the perspective can be rotated around the player character between eight possible views.


The Farm is located south-east of the Crossroads.

The House is located near the entrance to the farm, on the north-west side. Outside the house are a doghouse and a dog food bowl, the mailbox and the shipping bin. South-west of the house is an area in which the Greenhouse can be built.

The largest portion of the area is tillable soil in which seeds may be planted to grow vegetables, grass and flowers.

North-east of the farming area is the stable, the barn, the chicken coop, the watering pond and a tree.


There are a few secrets located on your farm.

  • The tree by the pond has a treasure map in the back of it, which will lead you to the music box.
  • The music box is located three steps to the left and 11 steps down from the top-right corner of your field (roughly intersecting a line from the pond tree and your doghouse). It is directly below a tree stump (assuming the "standard" perspective). It can be dug up in that spot by using your hoe 10 times in a row.
  • You will randomly find a power berry in your field while tilling. Using an upgraded hoe will not improve your chances, nor will digging in different spots.
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