There isn't a traditional field on your farm to plant crops on. Instead you are given this irregular shaped patch of grassland to farm on. You have to clear away the grass before you can till the land. Cutting the wild grass does not yield any items, however occasionally a mole does pop out of cleared grass.


You can water your crops twice a day. You must wait 12 hours before you can water your crops again on the same day. Each crop has a minimum water and day limit it must reach before it matures.


You can fertilize your crops during the growth progress to increase the quality of the fruit. You can fertilize once every day. Applying to crops while it is mature for harvest would have no effect.

Crop Damage

Running and jumping on your crops no longer damages them, but it is possible to damage your crops by using tools on them such as a hoe. You can see the crop flicker in red when you damage the crop. Damaging the will lower the quality of the fruit if done excessively.


Irrigation is a method you can use to save time when watering your crops by linking together your crops. Watering an irrigated crop would water all of those crops in that irrigation line. You can only use irrigation after your mayor has explained it to you. For Konohana this occurs on Spring 5th Year 1.

To irrigate the land you first need to have a clear flat patch of dirt. Clear away and grass, crops, seeds, and flatten any tilled land. Then to irrigate you only have to continuously till the land with your hoe (hitting the A button) in a direction (holding down a direction on D-pad). This would create a line of tilled soil instead of individual holes.

Once you stop or break your continuous tilling, your irrigation line would end there. Actions such as yawning at the 50% and 20% Stamina points would break your continuous tilling. You can not irrigate together separate irrigation lines together, and irrigation lines can not be formed diagonally. You would have to flatten all the land again to start over.



Your horse can pull along your storage wagon.







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