Farm Tours is local and internet multiplayer feature in Story of Seasons.

You can play up to four people at once. You can host and have people come to your farm or you can visit other people's farms. Players are given wands to help raise the quality of crops and lower the stress on animals. The wand will only be affective once per crop/animal at a time.


When connecting you will need to pick one item to share as a souvenir if you are visiting, but if you are hosting you will need to pick three items.

You pick up your item, you have to visit the Guild Hall. the Guild can hole to around 30 items at a time. If you do not pick up the Item and connect again the item you got before will be gone permanently.

Items you can't use as souvenirs:[1]

  • Silkie eggs
  • Arucauna eggs
  • Gold seeds
  • Gold produce
  • Gold eggs
  • Great products
  • Downs
  • Mystery Seeds
  • Some of the fancier clothes
  • Some accessories
  • Rings/earrings
  • Blue and red pearls
  • orichulum
  • Pink diamond
  • Adamantite
  • Mithril
  • Platinum
  • Furniture/wallpaper etc.
  • Tools

Street Pass

Other players who you pass will show up in your town and walk around. You can talk to them and check their farm status.


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