Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough - How Jack's Fatigue Works

A more in-depth video regarding how Pete's Fatigue statistic works.

Fatigue is a hidden statistic in-game that determines Pete's overall health and wellness.  It starts out at 0 but can increase to a maximum of 100 and increases by using your tools after 6 p.m. or in the snow/rain.  If Pete's Fatigue level reaches 100, he will get sick!  Should this occur, you will lose an entire day by spending it completely in bed.  Fortunately, after your convalescence, your fatigue will reset back to 0.  There is a special Power Nut you can acquire from the Kappa that will slice your fatigue gains by 50%. To keep your fatigue levels low, Pete can sleep, bathe, use the restroom in his house, and enjoy a dip in the Hot Springs.

Decreasing Fatigue

Like with Happiness, Fatigue can be decreased with a variety of activities:

  • Go to the Restroom (-10 Fatigue)
  • Use the Bath in your House (-10/-20 Fatigue)
    • Note: If you take a bath after having won the Bath Crystals from the Flower Shop Lottery, you will lose 20 Fatigue points rather than 10
  • Use the Hot Springs (-10 Fatigue)
  • Sleep (-2/-3 Fatigue per hour)
    • Note: If you sleep after having won the Cushion from the Flower Shop Lottery, you will lose 3 Fatigue Points per hour rather than 2.
  • Drink Cure-ALL (-20 Fatigue)
  • Drink Vitamin Preparation (-10 Fatigue)
  • Drink Vitamin Gold (-30 Fatigue)
  • Consume Honey (-100 Fatigue)
  • Eat a Medicinal Herb (-2 Fatigue)  

Increasing Fatigue

The most common ways of increasing Fatigue, involve using your tools.  Fatigue can be increased by using your Axe, Hoe, Hammer, Sickle, Watering Can, Cow Bell, any Seeds, Brush, Milker, and Shears.

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