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This article is about Felicia in Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Felicia as she appears in Island of Happiness.

Felicia is a villager in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Felicia is the hard working mother of of Elliot and Natalie. She and her children run the family shipping business. Her husband died when her children were very young, but she has learned to be independent. She is always positive and kind.

She is an expert at doing housework. She lives with her children and her father Taro on Verdure Island. She is good friends with Mirabelle and visits her on sunny days and on Saturdays when Mirabelle's shop is closed.

She organizes and judges the monthly crop festivals. She also organizes the Harvest Festival each fall and puts together a small celebration for the children on the islands during the Pumpkin Festival. When the player's child is born, Felicia assists Dr. Trent in the delivery.


Sunday - Friday (Raining)
All Day Inside House


Gift Preferences
Special Vegetable Gratin
Loved Firefly Flower, Mushroom Cluster, Buckwheat Dishes, Silkie Egg, Suffolk Wool, Superb Cheese, Superb Mayonnaise, Superb Yarn, Superb Yogurt, Truffle, Wool, Yarn, Apple Pie, Chestnut Rice, Chocolate Cake, Fried Egg, Omelet, Omelet Rice, Spaghetti, Steamed Egg Custard, Stir-fried Veggies, Tempura Soba
Liked Blue Magic Flower, Gems (All), Cabbage, Cheese, Chestnut, Corn, Cucumber, Egg, Jersey Milk, Mayonnaise, Moondrop Flower, Pineapple, Pinkcat Flower, Red Magic Flower, Spinach, Strawberry, Superb Butter, Toy Flower, Turnip, Yam, Yogurt, Baked Banana, Bamboo Rice, Baumkuchen, Boiled Egg, Boiled Spinach, Braised Potato, Cake, Carpaccio, Cheesecake, Chocolate Banana, Chop Suey, Churros, Corn Cereal, Cream Croquette, Croquette, Dried Bean Curd, Egg Soup, Finest Curry, Fish Meuniere, French Fries, Fried Egg Over Rice, Fried Rice, Fruit Dumpling, Fruit Sandwich, Gazpacho, Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Fish, Herb Salad, Herb Soup, Ice Cream, Insalata di Caprese, Lassi, Marinated Fish, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Rice, Miso Eggplant, Mushroom Rice, Okara, Onion Salad, Onion Soup, Pancake, Pineapple Pie, Popcorn, Pot Stickers, Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding, Pumpkin Soup, Rainbow Curry, Rice and Beans, Tofu (All), Rolled Omelet, Salad, Sangria, Sashimi, Savory Pancake, Soy Milk, Spaghetti Salad, Spaghetti Soup, Sponge Cake, Steamed Cake, Stew, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Rice Candy, Stuffed Cabbage, Sushi, Tempura, Tempura Noodles, Tempura Rice, Toasted Rice Ball, Tomato Salad, Trifle, Ultimate Curry, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Smoothie, Veggie Dumpling, Yggdra Soup, Wine, Yam Rice
Disliked Colored Herbs (All), Wild Animal Food (All), Branch, Chicken Feed, Fodder, Material Stone, Pet Food, Stone, Weeds
Hated Failed Dish, Fish (S), Ores (All), Poisonous Mushroom, Sea Urchin


  • If you have 7 hearts with Felicia, she will give you a present if you speak to her on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. She will give you either Vegetable Gratin (Year 1), Apple Pie (Year 2) or Tempura Noodles (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]
    • If she gives you Vegetable Gratin, you can gift it back to her for a major boost of affection (or save it for her birthday in your refrigerator for even more heart points).


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