1. Festivals in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.


Mochi-Pounding Festival


Speaking to Thomas at the festival.

  • Occurs: Spring 1 (6 PM to 12 AM)
  • Weather: Clear
  • Location: Plaza
  • Participants: Thomas, Ran, Saibara, Elly, Mei, Yu, Dudley, Duke, Mana, Gotts, Zack, Carter
  • Results: 9 mochi are given if there is space, +5 with those talked with (only once)

The Mochi-Pounding Festival (もちつき大会, Mochi-Tsuki Taikai) is the first festival of the year and is held in the town plaza from 6 PM to 12 AM. The protagonist can talk to other villagers and can talk to Thomas over the table to begin the festival. After the festival, the protagonist will wake up the next morning with 9 mochi, if there is an empty slot in his or her rucksack.

Spring Thanksgiving

Doctor 6 AM - 7 AM
Cliff 8 AM - 9 AM
Rick 10 AM - 11 AM
Gray 2 PM - 3 PM
Brandon 4 PM - 5 PM
  • Occurs: Spring 14
  • Location: Farm
  • Other: Protagonist doesn't have a partner, partner candidate has at least 10000, space in rucksack
  • Results: Possible cookies (cookie from 10,000 and chocolate cookie from 40,000) from partner candidates and +1000 with each.

An event in which a male resident who is a candidate for partner receives a present with a sense of gratitude. If there is more than one affectionate degree, Doctor, Cliff, Rick, and Gray will come to the farm in order to give presents. Usually it is a "cookie", but if you have a love level of 5 or more, you will get a "chocolate cookie"

Spring Horse

  • Spring 18

Cooking Festival

  • Spring 22


Sea Opening

Chicken Festivals

Cow Festival

Fireworks Festival


Harvest Festival

  • Fall 9

The Harvest Festival (収穫祭, Shuukaku-sai) occurs in the town square. You can bring something edible to add to the soup.

Fluffy Festival

  • Fall 21 (10AM - 6PM)
  • Town Square

The Fluffy Festival (ふわふわ(まつ)り, Fuwa Fuwa Matsuri) is a contest for animals producing wool, such as sheep, alpaca, and angora rabbit.

Participants: Mugi, Rick (SoSFoMT), Anna (SoSFoMT), Harris (SoSFoMT), Mei (SoSFoMT), Karen (SoSFoMT), Gotz (SoSFoMT), Thomas (SoSFoMT), Gray (SoSFoMT), Jeff (SoSFoMT), Jennifer (SoSFoMT)


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