Fish Pond

Fish Pond

The Fish Pond is a small body of water, on the player's farm, used to breed fish in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

You will have a Fish Pond at the very start of the game. The use of it is only to keep fish and breed them. 

Fish will never die. It is not necessary to add Fish Food to the pond. Fish Food is only used to breed and multiply the fish in the pond, which takes around 15 days to happen if fed daily.

The player must first catch and place two fish in the pond before breeding can take place. During Winter, the water in the Pond will solidify, making it impossible to add fish to the pond. Fish can be placed in the refrigerator to be added to the pond later (during Spring, Summer, or Fall).

Fish in the Pond

Fish will eventually grow while in the pond. Small fish will become Medium fish, and Medium fish will become Large fish.

To remove a specific fish from the Pond requires being in the correct position. While standing near the fish food storage, face the pond and press the x button to grab a fish. Fish can be added to and removed from the fish pond an infinite number of times. 

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