The Fisherman is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

He is a recluse who lives in his own tent out in the desert. The player has the ability to rest by using the Shine Pod in his tent or can also spend the night by sleeping in any of the beds at his home. The desert is accessible after breaking the blue seals at the Easter Ruins.

The fisherman will be seen at a different fishing spot on the island each season. The player can speak to the fisherman while he's fishing to fish with him. He will also show Life Grain how to whistle in order to attract wild horses, making them rideable.

He was once in a relationship with Sharon and still speaks fondly of her.

Fishing Locations

  • Spring: The cliff east of the Hot Springs.
  • Summer: Found fishing at the edge of the Plains.
  • Fall: Fishing near the repaired bridge near the Hot Springs.
  • Winter: Ice fishing in the middle of the lake.


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