Fishing is an activity available in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Fishing is available after the blue doors have been unlocked around the island and the desert sandstorm has subsided. After this, the player is able to go into the desert and speak to the Fisherman. After speaking with him, the fishing mechanic will be unlocked.

The player can speak to the Fisherman at different spots around the island while he is fishing to fish with him. Unlike most Harvest Moon games, you do not own your own fishing rod. You can only fish with the fisherman, and you do not get to keep anything that you catch. Fishing experience is only added if you catch something.

Fishing is necessary in order to unlock certain cooking recipes.

Fisherman Locations

  • Spring: The cliff east of the Hot Springs.
  • Summer: Found fishing at the edge of the Plains.
  • Fall: Fishing near the repaired bridge near the Hot Springs.
  • Winter: Ice fishing in the middle of the lake.
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